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What Is “The Great Reset”?

Something in your intuition has screamed at you that your freedom is on the verge of collapse. The big bald head blow is Klaus Schwaab, who thinks he runs the world. His famous sentence is "You will own nothing and be happy."

If you are in the Free-dumb group, you’re not alone. It was very deliberately set up that way. But you’re here now, and you no longer have an excuse to BE free-dumb. Your freedom is at stake. You don’t have rights if you don’t KNOW your rights, and especially if you don’t KNOW how to exercise them. That makes it much easier to implement The Great Reset.

The good news is that they’re no longer hiding it. It’s in plain sight on their website at The bad news is that they’re tricking people by trying to call it a fancy name. In a nutshell, it’s the implementation of communism and it’s been a plan in the works for decades.

The World Economic Forum that meets in Davos Switzerland is trying to sell us on a utopian idea that we will not own anything…and we will be happy. This includes land, automobiles, meat, and only the elite will ever experience anything along the lines of luxury. For the rest of us, we have to sacrifice for the good of all mankind. We will not fly on private jets, sail on boats, go for a drive, or dine in fine restaurants whenever we want.

It is a rejection of western values, specifically of owning land, which is the reason our ancestors came to the land that became the USA. Only Kings owned land in England and Europe, and the founding fathers wanted to own land. They set us up for that and we’ve allowed it to be stolen from us. You think you own a house on land but you don’t. You are a tenant. Check your documents. You pay property taxes in perpetuity and if you can’t, they will take your house unlawfully. But you can learn how to get it back….LAWFULLY.

The Great Reset is hardcore communism. We are not being allowed free speech. Our gun rights have been limited for so long that we have been programmed to believe we need to get permits to own arms and protect ourselves! There is literally no law and order in 2022. How insane is that!

Free people do not ask permission! Free people do not have leaders. We have representatives.

You were born as sovereign as the Queen of England and every royal person that ever lived. You just didn’t know it! We have purposefully been Free-dumbed down! The Great Reset is in play and you can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. You have to go on the offense.

The only question left you have the courage to stand for what you believe in?

If so, then join the membership where I go more deeply into how you've been free-dumbed down, and how to change that. Your freedom is only one decision away. Yours.

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