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What Is The Legal Definition Of The Word "Minor"?

It's someone under the age of 18. We all know that aspect of it. But you, as an adult, are still legally considered a minor in the eyes of the state. Do you know why?

You didn't even know you had a minor estate did you? What if I told you you were worth millions of dollars and you didn't even know? And what if I could prove it to you? And that you have a trust fund and you're all trust fund babies. And that trust fund is worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

You have what’s called a Cestui Que trust. The concept dates back to the 1500’s and it’s a brilliant way to fund the government. They could have funded themselves and us, but they were greedy sneaky bastards.

And so when you sign that mortgage, they borrowed out of your trust fund and paid it off. And then you just keep paying it back and paying it back and paying it back. It’s called “double dipping” and it’s illegal so how does it go on? Because almost nobody knows about this and never calls them out on it.

It’s important for your life and your children's lives, and your grandchildren's lives for generations to come that you understand what happened to you, and what was done to you as a parent if you are one.

A mother nine months pregnant checks into a “Foundling Hospital”. The word foundling is a safe place to abandon a child.

All churches, hospitals, police stations, and fire stations in the United States are designated as “foundling” by Congress. You can take a baby and put it in a basket and walk into any of those four locations and sit that basket down on the floor and smile and wave and walk out without any consequences to yourself whatsoever.

It’s on a brass plaque somewhere in an obscure location inside the hospital, probably under a stairwell. It declares this hospital as a foundling hospital.

So a mother goes through the extraordinary experience of childbirth where she's in pain and under duress. She's probably under the influence of painkillers. She has a beautiful baby and all she's thinking about is getting home with it.

Throughout history, just like when ships were launched, the child came out of the water as the ship did, and was tugged through the birth canal as ships are tugged through shipping canals.

The ship was “docked at the dock by the dock tender”, where a bill of lading was filled out and received on the cargo. Metaphorically the baby’s soul was taken via the sole footprints of the baby.

Via the birth certificate registration it is sent to be registered with the Crown, the rulers of England, and is presumed dead and lost at sea metaphorically, and legally, until it should return and claim its minor estate.

These trusts go back to a time when men got on ships and were gone for years, so their property was put into a trust and the trust would care for their family. If they were gone for more than seven years, they were considered dead…..until they came back to claim their estate.

No physician delivers a baby. Only a “doctor” delivers babies. Doctors as in “doc-tender”. The baby is a VESSEL, like a ship. That's where the all caps name comes in. If you look at the names of ships, they are in all capital letters.

No one disclosed the terms and conditions of the contract to the parents, yet they are handed a stack of papers to fill out shortly after giving birth.

The nurses are just doing their job, “Hey just to register your baby with the state and give it a name”. She fills out the paperwork and names the baby. The parents sign as an informant.

What is the legal definition of the word informant?

It’s someone who gives someone else up to another thereby giving the title and equity of the child to the state. This creates a doctrine called “Parens Patriae”. It means the state is the parent.

Parens Patriae is Latin for "parent of the country or homeland." Under Parens Patriae, a state or court has a paternal and protective role over its citizens or others subject to its jurisdiction.

The doctrine of parens patriae is a doctrine under which a state has third-party standing to bring a lawsuit on behalf of a citizen when the suit implicates a state’s quasi-sovereign interests for the well-being of its citizens.

The parens patriae doctrine is also the doctrine in which all orphans, dependent children, and persons deemed incompetent are within the special protection, and under the control of the state. I bet you don’t even know….that you are considered incompetent! When you hire a lawyer or attorney, you are telling the court that you are. Always represent yourself sui juris or pro se.

That's how they have control over you and now your children, and through your consent of being a citizen of personal residence of Washington DC.

No terms and conditions of the sales contract were given. No full and honest disclosure of the contract, no wet ink signatures. No one there was securitie’s licensed, insurance licensed and informing you. No prospectus was given. If you go to your stockbroker and you want to invest in a corporation, he is required by law to give you a prospectus. Parents are never given one and children are signed over to the state every single day. Why do you think there is debate about whether or not parents have a right to know what they’re children are being taught in schools in 2022?

It was all done through fraud without any full and honest disclosure of the contract. You were licensed, bonded, and insured, your vessel was created, a Cestuique trust was created in your name, set up by a lawyer your parents never met, generating millions of dollars that you could be using to have a comfortable life, but have no idea exists.

The Cestui que trust is an individual trust underneath the umbrella of the Public Charitable Trust.

You're already the ONLY signatory of your trust and you don't even know it. I'll show you how to become the beneficiary as well inside

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