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You Don't Actually Need A Driver's License To Operate Your Auto.

Supreme case law demonstrates everything about why you don't need a driver's license to drive.

When you look at the history of moving throughout the country, like when we had horses, then horses and wagons, think about how the laws have evolved. The laws are very clear. We have the right to travel. As we began to drive, the word drive took the place of the word travel and changed the meaning.

Driving is an activity in commerce.

There are three cases where you do need a driver's license.

When you're hauling passengers for hire. Are you an Uber driver? Lyft driver, a taxi driver, a bus driver? Then you need a driver's license.

Are you hauling goods or services for interstate commerce? A truck driver? Then you need a driver's license.

Are you a public servant in the performance of your public duties like a cop, a fireman driving a fire truck? An ambulance driver? Then you need a driver's license.

But if you're just getting up in the morning, leaving your house, going to the store, going to work, going to a movie, coming home doing whatever it is you do, then you're in your private business affairs. You don't need a driver's license.

The case law is covered in my Right To Travel book inside the membership.

What about owning your car?

You don't own your car. You have a certificate of title. The state owns it.

If I walk into a Chevy dealership, it's called an automobile dealership.

It's not called a motor vehicle dealership. Because it's not a motor vehicle when they sell it to you. It only becomes a motor vehicle when you title, license, and register it. Before then it's an automobile. It's private. Hence, Government Fockery established right under your nose.

Who was our first car insurance company in the United States? It was called Travelers Insurance. It was designed for travelers. That's what we are. We're travelers. We travel from point A to point B in our private business affairs 99% of the time.

You enter a dealership, and you lay out $75,000 cash for a brand new automobile. At that moment in time, you own that truck. But the minute the finance associate looks at you and says I need another $250 for title, license and registration, and you give them another $250 that's the moment you gifted that auto to the state.

So what do you do instead?

Look at him and I say, “No, that's not necessary, I'm going to export it to a foreign country.” Be sure that they give you the MSO or the MCO. It’s in the glove box! Don’t leave without it! But you have to pay for the car in full to get it.

And then when you get in, and you turn the key, and drive it off of their lot, you’re driving it out of the “State of Nevada”, into the land of Nevada. You just exported it into a foreign nation; foreign from the corporation of Washington DC. The corporation of the State Of Nevada is a subsidiary of the corporation of Washington DC.

The “Manufacturer's Statement Of Origin” is in that little envelope that comes with your automobile. When you pay the $250, they remove the envelope, they fill it out, they send it to the state. They send the state the title, and you get a certificate. A certificate means there's a title out there somewhere, but you don't have it. You don't own these cars.

If you own your car, they can’t do anything to you. You can get the superior title, the MSO or the MCO after you paid for your car in full. This goes for motorcycles, boats, and trailers as well.

We’ve got a team that can get your MSO or MCO if your automobile is paid in full inside the membership at

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