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Free-Dumb Patriot Playbook. (Physical Book Delivered)

Free-Dumb Patriot Playbook. (Physical Book Delivered)

No matter how many books you purchase, the shipping is only charged for one book to your zip code.


This 204 Page Book Is The Entire Freedom & Rights

Expert Level One Three Day Class In An Easy To Read Book.


It's IMPERATIVE that you learn about:

  • Traffic Tickets & Court Scams
  • Driver's License Bonds Scams
  • Fix The Property Tax Scam
  • CPS Has No Authority Over You
  • The Auto Title Scam
  • The IRS Requirement Scam
  • The Truth About Birth Certificates
  • The Truth About Money & Loans
  • The Truth About Your Mortgage
  • How To Hold Civil Servants Accountable
  • Why & How To Become A Private Civilian Who Is Free From Government Interference
  • No This Is Not Sovereign Citizen Nonsense
  • This two day class online is $150. 


If you attend a class, this book is the notes and will save you the writing of notes in class.

If you do not attend a class, reading this book is like attending the class!




    This is a download that you can print out and put into plastic sleeves that lay out your case to the policy reveue officers as you grow stronger in your freedom knowledge that proves.....YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO TRAVEL IN THE PRIVATE so says the Supreme Court. 23 Pages Of Proof!

    You will see the link to download it after you check out


    This book is a great compliment to David Straght's 3-day class in person or online. It's literally my expert notes from taking over a dozen of his classes.


    There are no refunds under any circumstances.


    The books ships media from USPS which is the least expensive.