If You've Failed At Everything Else.

Do What I Do!

The #1 fastest way for you to lose weight & feel great in menopause is to analyze your hormones, digestion, & metabolism to find the nutritional deficiencies and over toxicities, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do it.

It's SUPER EASY! And you do it from home!

If you want to lose weight and feel great, not be on meds, and feel the most sexy and fabulous of your entire life...GET MY RESCUE KIT AND COACHING PROGRAM NOW.

>>Yes Gianna Please Rescue Me From My Misery!

Are You Asking Yourself

These Questions...

Why Am I Getting Fat?

Why am I exhausted?

Why Am I Awake?

Why Am I Getting Hot Flashes?

 What you’re going to get here is a level of excellence 

that you're missing in your health right now

Why just SURVIVE when you can THRIVE!


Don't Know Who

Gianna Miceli Is?

Watch This And Find Out!

My ZONE OF GENIUS is to analyze your hormones, digestion, & metabolism to find the nutritional deficiencies and over toxicities which you do from the comfort of your own home.

I guarantee it's more than your doctor has ever done for you or YOUR MONEY BACK. 


I'm The Menopause Master!

I Will Show You How To Turn Up The Dial On Your Nutrition For

Natural Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, & Hormonal Control!

Self Care Is Something You Do,

Not Something You Did. 

-Gianna Miceli

Ladies! When we're hit over the head with menopause misery & weight gain in our 40's, all we want to know is...

"What can I take for my hot flashes, aches, pains, & brain fog, and how the hell can I lose this weight quickly?"


The last thing you want to do is sit and watch an hour long webinar because your brain is short circuiting and you just want your hormones balanced without confusing and risky HRT.

What I put together to answer all these questions for you is my "Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit!"

Just open the box, take out my supplement & food guide and you'll have the step by step blueprint and all the supplements that I used to lose 40 pounds forever and still use every day, to have rockstar energy, and get my sanity back without dieting, counting calories, or suffering.

And not only that, I've kept the weight off, built lean muscle, and am doing everything right to keep a strong mind and body as I mature into my senior years.

I feel so amazing that I'm sure I'll never even BE a senior! 

These Are The Questions Women Ask Of Me:


"Gianna why are you against HRT?"

Read my book "Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry". to find out what I uncovered about the fake menopause "industry"!  It's about a 40 minute read.

It's in the Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit! 


"Gianna, how can I balance my hormones naturally?"

Read my book, The Menopause Weight Loss Master Class! It's about a 30 minute read. That's right! You can fix your hormones via nutrition just like Mother Nature wants you to do!

It's in The Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit!


"Gianna, what can I take for these specific menopause symptoms?"

My step-by-step supplement guide is in The Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit! I've got them all covered!


"Gianna, what should I be eating to lose weight?" 

Check out my food guide! Take all the guess work out of what to eat with my simple and easy guide filled with gorgeous picture of menopause friendly meals!

It's inside The Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit!


"Gianna, where can I buy the supplements for the best prices?

From my Menopause Supplement Store! I made it my job to get you everything you need at the best prices!


Bonus 1:

How about if you can text me any time 24/7 and get your questions answered directly by me!! 

How about if we check in live on the phone every single week to keep you on track and looking forward to having someone you can count on in your corner?

When you get The Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit and become a monthly member, you can text me anytime as much as you want and I'll answer you personally!


Bonus 2:

How about if you get my Sexy and Fabulous Academy online course so you can know everything that took me 13 years to uncover about women's health over 40!!

It's included when you purchase the Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit!


Bonus 3:

How about if you can continue to get the supplements you love, that help keep you sexy and fabulous, at wholesale prices for the rest of your life!!

As long as you're a member, you get my extraordinary wholesale discount on all my products!

If you worked with me one on one for 90 days, with weekly accountability calls I charge $5000 PLUS $500 a month for supplements!


The Menopause Weight Loss Rescue Kit Plus Six Months Of Coaching Is...

$9997 now only $4997 today!


What is the cost of INACTION?

Getting MORE fat, MORE sick, and MORE tired!


You failed before because you tried to do this by yourself.

I'll hold your hand the entire way!

Let Me Tell You About Linda....

She and I spoke two years ago and she did not sign up with me. She decided to go the HRT route.

She ended up putting on more weight and developing uterine fibroids and had to have surgery to have them removed!

So she came back to me and is now on her way to looking sexy and fabulous and has her energy back and is inspiring her entire family to change their health!


I knew LeighAnn was serious when around midnight one evening, she sent me one of those texts that told me she was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The text just read…

“Hey, I’m ready to be rescued!

How do I pay you?”


“I was a size 18 my entire adult life and I was on thyroid meds, meds for my pituitary gland, too many meds!
My period stopped at 36 and my weight gain began.
In ten years I was up to a size 22 and getting very worried about my health.
After talking with Gianna, I'm now 46 years old, and down 75 lbs and ten sizes in nine months!
I'm no longer pre-diabetic, no more borderline blood pressure, no more ankle and knee pain, and have better skin. It works.
I'm living proof! " - Gina, Floral Park NY

"She taught me how to look at my macronutrients and I make my food choices around keeping those in a fat burning zone.  I am never hungry, suffering, or counting calories and losing weight every week! Love you Gianna. I am happy I found you." - Dana, Atlanta GA

"This was the best gift I have ever given myself. Gianna's system was super simple. Her care and guidance truly made all the  difference. For the first time in more than ten years I feel great. And I love the way I look!  - Larandee, Brooklyn, NY

"It has been the BEST decision I have made for myself.  have discovered a whole new way of eating and viewing food. I am losing about a pound a week consistently without suffering". - Jeanna, Iowa City IA

“When I met Gianna, I walked with a cane from MS. I was nearly blind and had to go on disability. I believed I could heal my body using food instead of meds and Gianna helped me do that. Her healthy habits are contagious! I'm down 75 pounds and only on one med. I box, and hike, no more disability, and my whole life has changed. " - Dina, Las Vegas NV

You Have Questions,

I Have Answers...

👙 BONUS #1


Meals Made Easy

Imagine making delicious, easy foods that don't require recipes.

Most of them don't. A few tell you how to put them together. They are simple as simple can be!

(value $97)

👙 BONUS #2


Text MESSAGE Support

What would it mean to you to just be able to hit me up when you have questions, doubt, or try on those jeans you haven't been able to fit into and want to share the great news with someone!

(value $997)

👙 BONUS #3


Menopause Supplement Guide

Have you ever bought supplements and not know what they're supposed to do, or IF they actually do anything at all?

My supplements are VERY purposeful and you'll know the reason why you take every one of them.

And know they're working!

(value $97)

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Wholesale Prices For My Products Plus Free Shipping


I buy what I love in bulk so that I can pass the savings on to my members and you alway get free shipping.

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Daily Dose Of Keeping Fabulous.

The bonus of hanging out with me, is that my healthy living and info is contagious! Just ask my friends.

I'll cheer you on daily to be sure that you know I've got your back the whole way to your success.

(value $200)

👙 BONUS #6


Hormone Reset Guide


Last but not least! The hormone reset guide! Skip the fake hormones and learn how to reset and boost your own the way Mother Nature intended.

PS. It includes SLEEP EXPERTS!

(value $200)

👙 BONUS #7


Test Don't Guess


For The Really Stubborn Weight Loss, We Test, Not Guess. There Are Simple, Affordable Tests You Can Take From Home Or Local Lab To Find Hidden Pathogens, Lacking In Essential Nutrition, Or If You Truly Have A Bum Thyroid.

I'll Unlock What's Blocking Your Optimal Health.

(value $300)


  • No more searching in Google night after night about how to lose weight and what to take for menopause symptoms!
  • Exactly what nutrition is lacking in your body that is creating your symptoms!

  • Take the guesswork out of deciding what to eat!

  • Exactly what supplements you need to heal hormone imbalance!

  • 24/7 support until you reach your goals!

  • Get your energy back!

  • Lose fat!

  • Look younger naturally!

  • Chill hot flashes!

  • Sleep better!

  • Reverse menopause misery symptoms!

  • It's the best all-natural anti-aging plan! I'm proof!




 Answers & Success!! This is a proven system.

  Increased Energy! When you stop being overfed & undernourished, and get the systems working optimally, you'll feel amazing like in your 20's. Totally possible!

✔ Increased Confidence. When you look AND FEEL beautiful, and comfortable in your body, you'll naturally be more confident.

Increased Knowledge. You will learn everything you need to know about the physiological changes happening heading into menopause, that you will know you're doing everything you should be doing to make it uneventful and age well.

✔  Increased Productivity. When you sleep well and eat well, you'll naturally have your energy back without caffeine or unnatural energy boosting drinks that harm your adrenals, which causes hormone imbalance.

Increased Happiness. When you're feeding your body on a cellular level the products in the rescue kit,  your serotonin production will be optimal so you will feel much happier.

Take Action Now And Get My Step-by-Step System 

For An All Natural Massive Menopause Makeover! 



✔  A Full Deep Dive Metabolic Hormone Health Analysis Consult For Fastest Results*** $997 Value

  My Menopause Weight Loss Master Class $2997 Value

✔ The Sexy And Fabulous Academy Wellness Blueprint For An All Natural Menopause Makeover $997 Value

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✔ My Essential Aminos Fix Kit INCLUDED.

✔ My pH Testing Kit INCLUDED.

✔ My Hormone Balancing Kit INCLUDED.

✔ My Sleep Kit INCLUDED.

👙 BONUS:  Meals Made Easy Guide Is A Real Physical Guide!

👙 BONUS: Text Message Support 24/7 PLUS Weekly Check In Live Phone Calls.

👙 BONUS: Menopause Supplement Guide Is A Real Physical Guide!

👙 BONUS: Wholesale Prices For My Products Plus Free Shipping

👙 BONUS: Daily Dose Of Keeping Fabulous Text

👙 BONUS: Test Don't Guess! Tests Your Doctor Should Have Ordered You Can Do On Your Own


You will be charged $4997 today and get everything you need to get started in the "kit". Then charged $19 every 30 days to be in the Sexy & Fabulous Forever Membership for 24/7 text & email support and substantial wholesale discount prices for supplement support and have me as your BFF to hold your hand through the whole process. Cancel anytime by emailing me at [email protected]

 Buy it, try it, apply it.

Your purchase is backed by my 90-day money back guarantee.

You must communicate with me daily for the 90 days and do the work which means taking your readings, logging your meals and supplements daily, and checking in weekly.