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How A 53-Year Old Woman Beat Her Menopause Mood Swings, Lost 40lbs Of Body Fat & Became The Envy Of All Her Girlfriends — All WITHOUT Prescription Drugs, Fad Diets, OR Ruthless Workouts!

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Which One Of These Statements Rings In Your Head Every Morning When You Are Frustrated Trying to Get Dressed And Don't Feel Sexy And Fabulous?

  • I don’t know what to eat.
  • I have a busy life with kids, and I don’t know how to eat healthy.
  • I can’t get off my ass.
  • I’m too tired to workout and eat right.
  • I’m overwhelmed with stress.
  • I’m not motivated due to lack of energy.
  • My hormones are challenging.
  • I don’t know where to start or have the time.
  • I love sweets and hate cooking.
  • I don’t feel beautiful, I’m tired of being miserable.
  • I hate the way I feel in my body, the way I look in my clothes, I have no energy, and I lack focus.
  • The weight destroyed my life. 
  • My work tells me I move too slowly. 
  • I’m filled with inflammation and pain.
  • I’m not comfortable in my own skin.
  • I eat too much carbs and drink too much alcohol.
  • My diet is terrible.
  • I have cravings, stress, & not enough time.
  • I’m not sure what to eat & I have constant constipation.
  • I hate the changes in body, mood swings, & I’m losing my mind.
  • I have hot flashes, need to lose weight, & stop crying.
  • I hate looking in the mirror.
  • I hate how I look in my clothes
  • I want to control what happens to my body.
  • I’m desperate for advice.
  • I want to be sexy again!
  • I feel all out of whack!
  • I need to feel better, I have vaginal atrophy, & no libido.
  • I feel as though I'm falling into a spiral that is ultimately going to result in me going to my Dr and begging for help.
  • I can’t stay on track.
  • I need menopause information.
  • I’m desperate to navigate this new chapter of my life.
  • I need motivation.
  • I’m looking for natural ways to go through menopause.
  • I’m going through menopause can’t get weight off.
  • I want to feel good and look good.
  • I’m never satisfied and have no idea how to fix this or what to eat


And What Excuses Keep You From Succeeding? 

  • I hate meal prep.
  • I have no energy to cook.
  • I don’t know what to cook.
  • Nothing ever works for me.
  • I love food too much.
  • I don't have a system to follow.
  • The scale doesn’t move...ever.
  • My husband is not attracted to me and I don't care.
  • I hate the slow progress.
  • I'm lacking motivation.
  • I have mental health blocks like depression and anxiety.
  • My hormones are messed up.
  • I don’t enjoy exercise.
  • My husband cooks all the meals.


Find Out How To Drop A Size In Six Weeks!! 

The information you’re about to read has transformed thousands of lives.

Women from around the world and all walks of life have used my system to beat menopause and get their normal lives back!

If you suffer from…

  • Lethargy
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Low-energy
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Chronic pain
  • Mood swings
  • Tummy issues
  • Or any of the other common menopause symptoms…

Then you need to listen carefully to everything I’m about to share because my story reveals the REAL REASON you haven’t found the answers to your health issues — and it’s NOT what your doctor has been telling you!

I’ll take that a step further and say that if you’ve been diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or Hypothyroidism

— or have been told you DON’T have one of these disorders (even though you have all the symptoms)

— you’ll want to pay very close attention to the facts you’re about to discover.

First though, I want to make it very clear who my system is NOT for…

  • It’s not for women who just want to cover up their symptoms (you’ll see why this is so critical, in just a bit)…
  • My system isn’t for women who have all the previously mentioned symptoms but still think they are “basically healthy”
  • Magic pill seekers who are looking for the next ‘snake oil’ to come along and give them an easy way out that won’t require any effort…
  • This revolutionary, scientifically-based breakthrough won’t work one bit on women who aren’t willing to take action and apply a few simple principles.

The reason I want to bring those issues up right now is simple.

I have an EXTREMELY HIGH SUCCESS RATE and I don’t want lazy people (who don’t really want results) to skew that number.

Everything you’re about to discover is based on real-world proof.

That means, I already know it works. The only time it doesn’t work, is when it isn’t followed!

Do You Really, Really Want To Feel Better?

Look, I don’t care what you tell me, your doctor or your BFF — but if you want to beat the big “M” for real, then it’s time to start being honest with yourself.

  • If poor past performance isn’t enough to make you take this seriously…
  • If you’re not frustrated with medical professionals who can’t find the answers to your troubles…
  • If you’re not fed up with feeling fat, sick & tired…
  • If you’re not at your whit’s end with this and prepared to do whatever it takes to look & feel better…

Then there’s no point in wasting anybody’s time — my system isn’t for you (yet).

So if you feel like crap but still think more testing and drugs are the answer, do yourself a favor and bookmark this page right now. When you get to the end of your rope and need a real lifeline — I’ll be here.

One of the reasons my system has such a high success rate is attitude. Women who transform their lives have two common traits — a positive mindset & they take action!

Those are the two things that got me through and that’s what it’ll take to get you through, too.

Stick with me for a few more moments and you’ll start to understand the REAL CAUSE of your troubles — and how you can GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

My Transformation Began Over 8 Years Ago — Now I’m An Expert Consultant For Professional Women Over 40 Who Want To Regain Energy, Have A Fun Positive Attitude & Most Of All….Freedom From Menopause Misery

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I’m Gianna Miceli and I live here in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida.

You might recognize my name or maybe even my picture.

I’ve appeared in magazines, internet articles and live conferences all over the country. My talks range from weight-loss to self-development to relationships — in fact, it’s been said that I’ve helped get more marriages and careers back on track, than any other expert on the planet. How do I do it?

The short answer is that I mastered menopause and as a result…

  • Women over 40 have been coming to me for over 8 years — they’re beating menopause, losing weight and getting their lives back…
  • Hundreds of women have transformed their lives with my system…
  • Your chances of getting the results you need are fantastic because I’ve got a 98% success rate!
  • Want even more proof? Follow me on social media and see for yourself what my 20,000+ followers have to say…

Over the past 8+ years I’ve travelled all over the country speaking, teaching and helping women over 40 achieve an uneventful menopause with virtually no appearance of aging, mood swings, cold sweats, bloating or other common symptoms.

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Let’s face it — every woman on the planet will eventually face the dreaded devil of deception — yes, I’m talking about perimenopause

The bitchiness, the hot flashes, the depression and anxiety — it seems like your body and mind have conspired together to drive you (and those around you) completely insane! It’s like 24/7 PMS times 10!

And it hits every single one of us at some point.

My clients are busy entrepreneurs, C-Suite clients and super-power ladies in over 5 different countries. Believe me — wealth, genetics & geography won’t save you. No missy, the only way to take your pain away relies on scientific evidence that BIG PHARMA doesn’t want you to know about…

The Building Blocks Of Health And Vitality Come Down To One Single Element — The Cell!

Ok so first let me say, I’m not a scientist. But as you’re about to see, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand one of the simplest, most crucial physiological facts that affects your health.

This one, easy to understand concept, will put you miles ahead of over 99% of women today and it holds the key to getting things back to the way they used to be — only better.

Here’s the science, so pay close attention…

All function and health for our bodies begins at the CELLULAR LEVEL!

Think about this for a minute…every organ, every nerve, hell even the functions of our brain, are made up entirely of cells. If there is a problem anywhere in your body, it FIRST occurs at the cellular level.

Remember I said cells are the building blocks of health and vitality?

Cells clump together and form tissue, which forms organs and nerves…literally every part of our bodies. When things go south, the problem always began at the cellular level.


If you have liver problems, it started with the cells in your liver.

If you have thyroid problems, guess what? Yep, it started with the cells in your thyroid.

In order for cells to be healthy, they have to be able to let the good in, process it (as fuel), and put the bad out.

Basically, they take in nutrients (what we eat, for example) and process that fuel into energy.

What’s left over is considered waste and gets ejected from the cell. 

Cells start to break down when they can no longer perform that basic function.

Once that happens, the membrane of the cell starts to become inflamed.

That condition spreads to other cells and before you know it, you’ve got an inflamed gall bladder or other organ (yes, even your skin).

If you can embrace that simple concept, that everything starts at the cellular level, you’ll be able to heal your body like you’ve never imagined — slowing the aging process and maintaining inner balance.

OK, that’s the science, now let’s talk about getting results…

Why Doesn’t Modern Medicine Have The Answers?

I want to tell you a quick story and I bet it’ll sound familiar.

It’s MY story and it illustrates why modern medicine has so much difficulty pinpointing the real, underlying issues we’re facing today.

Part of the reason is that the drugs they prescribe aren’t actually dealing with the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, they just deal with the symptoms.

The second reason is one that shocks most of the women I talk with — menopause isn’t a disease, it’s a RESULT!

So if it’s a result, that means we can change the outcome.

Let’s look at a typical session with most doctors…

First, you tell them your symptoms, which probably include…

  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Lethargy
  • Mood swings
  • Chronic pain
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • And more (you know the list)…

They run countless blood tests, hormone tests, and maybe even urine and stool samples.

One of the things they’re looking at might be your TSH levels.

That’s where things become problematic because doctors don’t just get schooled in medical school — they also get ‘educated’ by pharmaceutical companies about how to peddle their wares — and yes, kickbacks are often involved!

You see, I’ve known women (and men) who fall within ‘normal’ TSH levels — but they still feel like crap. Why is that?

Well, TSH measures hormones in the blood stream.

A lot of these hormones are produced by your thyroid.

So if you fall within the acceptable range, your doctor assumes your thyroid is fine, after all, your body is producing the hormones (and that’s what the big pharma reps told them to say).

They don’t tell you that the “normal” range, is using women from 18-80!

And what that TSH test DOESN’T tell your doctor, is whether your body is able to absorb and USE the hormones.

That’s a pretty crucial piece of information and I can’t stress it enough!

There are misdiagnosis of thyroid issues every single day.

Drug manufacturers literally keep telling the doctors that getting those numbers within the range, is top priority.

If you’ve taken these tests and been told you are ‘within range’, yet you still feel like taking a nap 5 minutes after you get out of bed, you know how frustrating this game is!

So for the sake of argument, let’s say you fall outside that acceptable range.

Your doctor is going to prescribe a pharmaceutical drug that is designed to get those numbers back inside the ‘normal’ range.

Now, if those TSH numbers are within the acceptable range, you should start feeling fantastic again, right?

Then why don’t you?

Why do you still feel lethargic and foggy?

Why are you still gaining weight?

Why didn’t adding in more hormone, fix you?

Well, it all goes back to my first point and that’s what I want you to focus on — if you take nothing else away from me today let it be this — EVERYTHING STARTS AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL!

If your body isn’t able to process those hormones, that means you’re not actually using them.

Having the hormones in your blood isn’t doing you one bit of goodeven if they are added artificially!

What If Your Tests Show You Are ‘Normal’?

Now let’s go back to those of you that test ‘normal’.

You still feel like crap…right?

Your tests are showing that you’re within range.

Again, all these tests do is look for the presence of the hormones in your blood at that particular time — it has no way of telling if your body is actually using the hormones!

This is the single, most common reason why there are so many misdiagnoses regarding autoimmune and thyroid problems.

They simply don’t look deep enough into the problem — they stop at the blood!

In order to get better and feel better, you have to FIX THE CELL FIRST!

Causes Of Cell Damage

  • Stress – Oxidative stress causes premature aging and inflammation. Stress raises cortisol which leads to cell damage and fat storage.
  • Poor Sleep – This also raises cortisol levels and causes more cell damage & fat storage.
  • Toxic Diet – Inflammation in the gut which leads to digestive problems, autoimmune conditions and more.
  • Toxic Environment – Gut and brain inflammation.
Now ask yourself if you…
  • Have stress in your life?
  • Have trouble sleeping?
  • Eat foods you know are bad for you?
  • Don’t eat foods you know are good for you?
  • Find yourself around toxic chemicals (beauty products, insect spray, household chemicals, etc…)?

All of these scenarios are compounded by the fact that you are maturing and entering a new era of your life. In other words, your body is changing on its own and that adds a whole new level of complication to the problems I just mentioned.

How To Fix Cell Damage

To fix cells, we’ve got a few things to consider; like all the different types of cells that need fixed…

  • Cells in your body…
  • Cells in your brain…
  • Cells in your gut (second brain)...
  • Microbiome — these are the microorganisms within your body — they protect us from germs and help us break down food.

To get better, to start feeling great again, you must fix every cell and there are two mindsets you need to establish, to start that process…

MINDSET #1 — To feel better you have to fix your cells first — because they are your foundation. Throughout the history of mankind, there has never once been a healthy, vibrant person who is full of damaged cells — and there has never been a sickly, chronically fatigued person, who is full of healthy cells…you have to fix your cells!

MINDSET #2 — Regardless of age, gender or genetics, you can fix your cells and feel fantastic, if you’ll follow some very basic instructions. I want you to change your thinking right here and right now. 

It’s been proven and we now understand that genetics only influence our outcome by around 10%.

Sure, genetics might push you in a certain direction, but they don’t control you. You just need the right trigger to turn on good genetics, and turn off bad ones. I can prove that to you right now…

We’re all different genetically. One person might smoke a pack a day and live to be 90. Another, might die of lung-cancer at 55 from second-hand smoke. Both your parents might have pancreatic cancer, but although that puts you at a higher risk, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have it.

Stop Blaming Genetics — Almost Every Woman I Coach Is Able To Lose Belly Fat, Reclaim Energy And Rekindle Her Passion For Life Regardless Of Genetics!

Believe me, I’ve been there.

You’re going through life feeling like you’re on top of your game, when all of a sudden, you wake up one morning and it’s like your feet sprung a huge leak overnight — all your energy, passion, excitement and reason for getting out of bed just bled out all over the bed, drained down onto the floor, and evaporated into thin air never to be heard from again!

You eventually go to the doctor, just knowing you’re going to hear the dreaded “M” word and sure enough, you get told the same old B.S. every other woman over 40 gets told — your headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, low-libido and screwed up periods are all part of your life now and you “have to accept” it as your new normal.

I’m going to do my best to keep my mouth shut about BIG PHARMA and the traps they’ve set to keep you in perpetual pain and suffering — but the truth is…

  • If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired…
  • If being the envy of every woman in your neighborhood would put a smile on your face…
  • If a stranger stopping you at the grocery store to ask who your personal trainer is…
  • If having an UNEVENTFUL MENOPAUSE where you look & feel just as fantastic as you did in your 20s and 30s
  • If that all sounds like an impossible dream…

You’ll be glad to know that even the most difficult women I’ve worked with, have been able to use my system to bring back hormonal balance and reclaim their lives — without a purse full of pills!

Even if you have thyroid problems, stubborn belly fat and no athletic ability, amazing results are just around the corner and you can start to see changes in your figure & health — starting today!

Do you want to wake up in the morning with a drive and passion to conquer even the most difficult tasks?

Would you like to see that stubborn belly fat melt away without starving yourself?

Could you use an electrifying burst of energy to start your day — and top it off with enough stamina to get you through with a smile?

My system has helped thousands of women over 40 ditch the drugs and get BETTER and I’d like to tell you how it works. 

Doesn't that sound like something you’d KILL for? Good.

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My System Is NOT A Diet, Exercise Program, Magic Pill Or Patch — It’s A Sustainable Lifestyle Feeding Your Body What It Needs To Function Optimally.

I want to make something crystal clear. My system isn’t a fad diet.

It isn’t a set of rigorous exercises that will turn you into a gym-rat.

And it isn’t some magic potion you have to pay through the nose for.

Remember what I said about healthy cells having to deal with toxins?

Healthy cells let the good in, and put the bad out. Maintaining healthy cells is a lifestyle.

Here in America (and most developed countries) we’re bombarded by toxins from the moment we leave the womb.

As women, we deal with makeup, hairspray, perfumes and more — in addition to the pollution, preservatives and other harsh chemicals everyone is constantly breathing in, swallowing and walking around in.

It’s really no mystery that our bodies wear out like they do.

I mean, if you closed up all the healthy springs that feed a beautiful lake, eventually you’d be left with a cesspool of yucky scum that couldn’t support a single fish.

Make sense?

Our cells are like that lake and to maintain balance, they need good flowing in…and bad flowing out.

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How To Become The Most Beautiful, Confident Woman In The Room!

In the next 96-hours, one simple little ‘tweak’ to your supplementation can bring you a huge boost of energy…followed by consistent, steady weight loss — no matter your age or genetics. 

I’d like to help you experience that for yourself, sound good? Great, keep reading.

Obviously I believe in my system. It changed my life and I’ll shout it from the rooftops!

But I understand there are a lot of so-called ‘answers’ out there on the internet today, so I don’t expect you to just take my word for it.

I want to give you proof that what I’m telling you today, will work wonders for you tomorrow. 

Meet LeighAnn!

Now, I’ve consulted enough women to know when I’m dealing with someone who’s serious. I knew LeighAnn was serious when around midnight one evening, she sent me one of those texts that told me she was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The text just read…

“Hey, I’m ready to join your program! How do I pay you?”

When women contact me when they should be sleeping and right away start throwing money at me, it’s a pretty good indicator of where they are in their journey. They’re desperate. They’ve tried everything else and are only getting worse.

These women are usually just about to accept their fate and give up…when suddenly they find out about my program and see a glimmer of hope in what I can do for them.

LeighAnn had gained some weight and couldn’t get it off.

I’ll let her tell you her story, but as a little teaser, she started my program in February — by May she lost 20lbs and dropped two dress sizes!

Listen To Her Story!


You Can Get A HUGE BOOST In Energy Along With Consistent & Steady Weight Loss In Just 96-Hours — With One CRAZY Little Tweak To Your Morning Routine.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a big fan of pills or useless vitamins that only end up swirling down the toilet in your urine.

When the cells in your body aren’t working properly, even the best of the best won’t get absorbed and if it isn’t absorbed, IT DOESN’T HELP YOU ONE BIT!

The good news is, you can start to feel better in just 96-hours and all you have to do is tweak your morning routine.

So let me ask you…

If you made a simple little change to your morning routine and started feeling noticeably better in just 96-hours — wouldn’t you do that for the rest of your life?

Of course you would!

Remember, we want to change the RESULT of menopause.

That means we want to “get to the root cause” of your problems by REVERSING the path you’ve been on.

It’s time to start checking “under your hood” and get some real answers as to why your thyroid, liver, digestion, kidneys, and heart rate are trying to tell you exactly why you feel fat, sick & tired!

The Secret To Looking Sexy, Feeling Fabulous, And Lowering Your Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke & Cancer — Has Nothing To Do With Lower Estrogen & Progesterone

Doctors do a lot of good in the world but the fact is, they also blindly recite what the drug reps trained them to say — with the end goal being that YOU ARE ON MORE PRESCRIPTIONS!

I don’t think this is much of a secret anymore. It’s common knowledge that doctors are paid by drug reps to prescribe their pills and potions. It’s happened to me and countless other women over 40. I even had a doctor tell me he paid for his new luxury landscaped pool with his ‘endorsements’.

But what you’re about to see…is a breakthrough for women who have lost all hope of feeling sexy again.

No Matter What Your Age Or Current Health Condition — You Can Become Vivacious, Energetic, Successful & Reverse The Aging Process Naturally

My system is inspiring women all over the globe to create a new phase of the second half of their lives and become experts in their passions (even passions that have sat dormant for years). 

So even if you don't have "good genes", you can still use this to improve your health & beauty on a daily basis — just like Heather. 


hormone based weight loss


What I'm talking about is...

A Unique Way To Completely Transform Your Metabolism & Metabolic Processes Using A Little Known Dietary Tweak That Goes Against Everything You’ve Been Taught About How You Should Eat

This carefully developed process is specifically designed for women over 40 and the best part is...

    • This unique way of eating works around your schedule…
    • It manipulates the hormones your body is already producing...
    • It proves immediately, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you aren’t medically defective…

Do you get how powerful that is?

Think about it, in as little as 96-hours (from right now) you can prove once and for all that you don’t need dozens of pills (all with disastrous potential side-effects) in order to fix your cells and feel better.

This is absolutely terrific news! To put it bluntly, you ate yourself into this mess — with my help you can eat your way out!

And contrary to what the fad diet pushers want you to believe, you don’t have to starve yourself to do it. You just need to engineer your hormones a little differently.

Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt The Easiest Way On Earth To Lose Weight & Feel Great Is By Controlling Your Metabolic Processes

I've seen every type of diet, potion, program and prescription under the sun and for women over 40, they’re all the same — pushing you into HRT & BHRT for your menopause plan.

My mission, my very purpose in life, is to get women to realize that those plans are completely unnecessary and in fact, they’re unhealthy!

While tons of women are out there struggling (and failing) with the latest fad diet, my S.A.F. Protocol (Sexy And Fabulous LOL) has never once failed. S.A.F. teaches basic principles that produce a hormone reaction just the way Mother Nature intended, releasing energy and vibrant, healing power, naturally.

Not only that...

It generates an immediate spike of confidence for almost every woman who tries it.

And that's because it's an easy, fast way to absolutely nail THE most important missing piece in all you do to take care of yourself daily...

Every successful, healthy, vivacious woman over 40 knows...

"Your daily routine makes or breaks your weight loss efforts."

Aside from your menu, your metabolic processes are the single most important aspect of your weight loss efforts.

Listen gals, I’m gonna talk straight with you right now…

Your metabolic processes determine whether you struggle and fail with your weight loss goals — or watch a steady flow of fat virtually evaporate off of your body — because your hormones are doing all the work for you!

  • It’s not the calories you eat (or don’t eat)…
  • It’s not the endless workouts you push through 5 days a week…
  • It’s not the icky green sludge you’re forcing down your throat…
  • It’s not the pills and self-hypnosis tricks that are supposed to suppress your appetite…

Nope, it’s none of those.

When it comes to weight loss over 40, your hormones do all the work — PERIOD! And it’s not just me telling you this…

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Sara Gottfried

What that means is, even if you have a great “clean eating plan” and you combine that with a rigorous workout routine and the best daily multi-vitamins money can buy…you absolutely CANNOT overcome a weak digestive tract or malfunctioning hormones!

In other words, the hormones control HOW the food gets used inside your body. Your body is always a reflection of how you eat, and how the metabolic processes are working for you. 

It doesn't matter how great your supplements are or how clean you think you’re eating...

Unless you have hormone health PLUS the right menu, one that sends the right messages to your hormones, you'll only ever experience average, ordinary health...if thatespecially over age 40.

By Age 55 Most American Women Will Have 5-7 Prescriptions For The Rest Of Their Lives

There are two virtually unknown secrets to balancing your own physical and mental equilibrium.

The first, is what I call, “The Hormone Highway”.

If you make it easy for your hormones to function, they will literally do ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING FOR YOU!

That means you have to provide hormone-friendly terrain in your gut. Your body CANNOT benefit from the good ingredients you give it, if the gut is unable to properly absorb those ingredients and efficiently move the fuel into your bloodstream.

This means eating the right foods, at the right time. If you get this just a little off — you, your energy, and your figure will suffer.

For example, if you have gut dysbiosis (an imbalance in microbial organisms) it doesn’t matter what you eat or what supplements you take — your body won’t be getting the full benefit, it simply can’t.

So gut health is your first priority, but that’s only half of the equation…

The second half of this Yin & Yang relationship, is the hormones themselves.


My work in hormonal health is the reason legendary biomedical engineer, Dr. John Jaquish, praised me on Instagram saying...

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Like Dr. John said, with my proven system, you are paving the way for maximum health benefits, and then pushing all the right buttons (hormones) to activate extreme efficiency within your body.

Poor Gut Health Is Like Road Construction During Rush-Hour Traffic

Picture this…it’s rush-hour and traffic is piled up as far as you can see.

There’s construction, accidents, hot tempers and more…all preventing safe, timely passage.

You just need to get on the interstate but the ramp is blocked by a car overheating or a fender bender — there’s simply no way to reach that ramp until the problem is cleared up!

That’s what it’s like in your gut 24/7, when your digestive tract isn’t healthy.

Nutrients can’t go where they need to go!

After going through my program, it’ll be like all the highways & roads in your gut, have all been replaced with brand new pavement — no potholes, no traffic — just green lights for miles!

But Gianna, Why Don’t Any Of The Popular Diets Get Me Results?

I get asked this question all the time.

“What about eating vegan?”

“What about the Paleo diet?”

“What about doing Keto?”

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Each of those diets has certain benefits for some people, but not one of them takes into consideration the unique requirements of menopause.

I’m was vegan for eight years and a lot of the women I help were vegan — and they were just as unhealthy as I was.

Think about it like this — all those diets make the same promise…

But they all use different methods… different foods… and have different endocrine outcomes.

Same promise, different menu.

Based on what you already know about cells and hormones and gut health… you can answer the ‘diet dilemma’ question yourself.

There’s just no way that those diets (or any other diets that aren’t designed specifically for menopause) can address the distinctive hormonal deficit women like you and I face.

Sure, you can lose weight on Keto.

But it won’t just be fat, it’ll also be muscle (which you NEED in order to stay sexy and fabulous).

Because of the havoc it plays on your hormones, Keto is one of the worst diets for menopause.

Plus, as you already know, weight-gain is only a PORTION of menopause.

Keto, Paleo, vegan, and all the rest… none of them addresses menopausal hormones!

None of them even attempts to deal with the emotional imbalances our bodies go through.

The women I work with conquer ALL of those issues.

They build muscle WHILE losing fat; and feel fabulous inside and out — just the way Mother Nature intended!

These women have improved their bodies, slowed the aging process and lowered risk of chronic illness — so they can have an even LONGER FABULOUS LIFE!

Do you want to live a vibrant, active, energetic life?

Do you want to be sexy & vivacious throughout pre- and post-menopause?

Would you like your entire menopause experience to be virtually uneventful?

According to surveys, 98% of the women who follow my program experience healthy weight-loss, emotional balance, and happier marriages.

Are you ready to change your life with me?

Join My Sexy And Fabulous Academy!

Here’s what you’ll get inside my Sexy & Fabulous Academy…

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First We Have To Find What's Not Working Right

Discover how to assess your metabolic processes, like your digestion, liver, thyroid, & hormones, to see what's not working right.

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Then Put Out The Fire In Your Metabolic Processes

You already know things are getting worse. We have to halt what's causing these processes to not work optimally.

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Then We Send In The Paramedics To Repair!

We have to repair the processes that are not helping your body to build lean muscle tissue, and send out the right hormone signals.

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Next Change Your Cravings Without Even Knowing!

You'll be shocked how your cravings change when the insides are working right. This way you'll never FEEL like you're missing out on anything.

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Then Transition Your Body To Use Your Fat For Fuel   

The secret to this transition is so easy you'll kick yourself in the ass for not starting sooner. I'll hold your hand the whole way.

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Then Your Energy Returns & Your Sleep Improves!

These are the first signs that your processes are improving! Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and excited about your day!

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Your Clothes Will Begin To Feel Looser Each Week

The scale measures your weight, not your fat loss. Kick the scale to the curb! Then people will start to notice that you've got a kick to your step!

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Then Your Mental Clarity Is Off The Charts!

Then there's no turning back to the way you used to live! You will know for sure you're on your way to no longer being fat, sick, tired, & angry!


Follow My Simple Blueprint & Quickly Shed Fat While Increasing Mental Acuity & Sending Depression Packing!

My system is a TOTAL BODY solution. Not only do you cleanse your organs so that your body is running in tip-top shape and naturally sheds the weight — you also experience mental acuity, balanced moods, and increased libido. This is a renewing from head to to, inside and out!

  • Activating Your Hormones — Learn the exact foods you need to consume (and what to avoid) to turn your hormones ON and put them to work melting away fat and reenergizing your life…
  • Proper Detox Procedures — We start with unclogging filters, repairing cell damage and restoring proper function throughout your body…
  • Help In The Bedroom — Menopause is a vicious beast for most couples to deal with but with my tips, you’ll bring sexy back to the bedroom…
  • Skin-care & Anti-Aging Formula — You’ll have firmer, glowing skin that keeps everyone guessing about your age…
  • Forever Fabulous Blueprint — Nothing works better than what already works! You can follow the exact process I went through to conquer menopause for good…
  • Real Live Text Support — I check on my ladies weekly but it’s not just that, I’m there for you to help get you through the roughest of times…
  • 12 Informative Short Videos — Gain inspiration and valuable instruction directly from me with my quick-start library of videos…
  • Exclusive Mentorship Forum — Gain insight and inspiration from me and the other ladies who are in the program…
  • “Boss Of Your Body” Checklist — This valuable document puts all the critical information within reach so you can quickly and easily access what you need to focus on…

But I’ve got even more fabulous ways to guarantee your success.

Get your body up-and-running properly, naturally — putting the S.A.F. protocol to work is easy and will change your life forever!

Sexy And Fabulous...

You can have your S.A.F. lifestyle launched and changing your metabolism and metabolic processes bringing your energy back in a few hours, or days, depending on how much healing and repairing you need.

And you'll find every step of creating a truly healthy body and your S.A. F. Lifestyle inside this brand-new training...

I Will Make You Over From The Inside Out!

"Women are always asking me for my tips and advice on losing weight and feeling great.

They're all inside the members’ area in one, easy to navigate collection including every single product I love and use at wholesale prices direct to you.

— Gianna


For nearly twelve years now, I’ve been in-the-trenches developing the most results-driven system ever designed for conquering menopause.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars developing a platform and creating content that will give my clients everything they need to beat the bitchiness and build back their confidence in the bedroom.

Hands down, my system is…

The Single Most Powerful Blueprint For Creating An Uneventful Menopause — Bringing Back Your Figure And Enabling You To Experience Whole-body Health For The First Time!

Finding Your Fat-loss Blocks Is My Zone Of Genius

Right now... without question... you're losing a chunks of time in your life by not looking and feeling your most amazing self. 

How would it impact your life if you had more energy, slept better, could fit into your favorite skinny jeans, and love what you saw in the mirror?

With access to this course, you'll start understanding exactly what happens as women age, and how to avoid breaking down and becoming an old woman.

Who is this program for?

  • Women who have tried every fad-diet, workout routine and magic pill on the planet…but STILL can't lose weight! If that stuff hasn’t worked for you in the past, it’s time to find the root of the problem…


  • Women who have been scared-to-death about what going into menopause means…my system reveals the truth about your hormones and gives you the confidence and knowledge to come out sexy and ready to conquer life again!


  • Women who haven’t been helped by what the doctors are pushing...most of my members have gone through countless labs and scans, only to have their doctors tell them there’s NOTHING wrong! Those members found success when they started healing their bodies by taking control of their hormones.


  • Women who don’t want to be enslaved with a lifetime of BIG PHARMA prescriptions just to survive. The women in my program THRIVE NATURALLY and many of them actually drop their drugs altogether!


  • Women who need butt-kicking encouragement and want to experience the difference that a kind, caring support network can make.
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Take A Look Inside

The Sexy & Fabulous Academy Menopause Weight Loss Program!

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  • Exposing the fraud of medically treated menopause.
  • What is the true root cause of over 40 weight gain.
  • How did doctors not know the dangers of HRT?
  • What’s Keeping you fat?
  • Minerals Affecting Menopause.


  • Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, And Tired.
  • The Ultimate Guide To HRT, BHRT, & Natural Menopause Solutions.
  • The Key To Restoring Your Health.




  • Let’s Get Your Mind Ready For Success.
  • Let’s Get Your Mind Ready For Change.



  • Health Consult.
  • Nutrient Deficiency Assessment.
  • Hormone Imbalance Assessment.



  • The Four Most Common Traits Of Women Over 40 That Create Menopause Misery.



  • How To Find The Real Problems.
  • Tracking Your Food For Free.
  • Take Your Thyroid’s Temperature.
  • Testing Your pH Levels.



  • How To Fix Your Sleep Hormones.
  • How To Improve Your Sleep.
  • Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight And Fix That.



  • How Many Calories Should You Be Eating To Lose Weight.
  • Your Metabolic Assessment Results.



  • The Membership Store.
  • The Ultimate Anti-Aging Secret.



  • Why I Chose This Way Of Eating.
  • What You Are NOT Going To Eat.
  • What You Are Going To Eat.
  • Guidelines For Healing Weight Loss.
  • A Couple’s Success Story.
  • What About The Veggies.
  • Food Ideas.
  • Healing From The Inside Out.
  • How To Lose Fat Eating This Way.
  • Can I Cheat.
  • How The Body Uses Energy.
  • Where To Shop.
  • The Fast Track To Fat Loss.
  • Expert Notes To Reclaim Your Body.



  • Beverage Options.
  • To Drink Or Not To Drink...Alcohol.



  • No, It's Not A One Time Thing. It's Something You Do Every Day...Like Taking A Shower For Your Insides.



  • I'll Show You The Hidden Information Trying To Trick You.



  • What Exactly Is It, And Should You Eat It Or Not.



  • What Are They, And How Are They Keeping You Fat.



  • Your Emotional Eating Isn't What You Think It Is And Is Easy To Correct.



  • How Can You Weigh More, While Getting Leaner.



  • What Is It And How To Avoid It.



  • Can You Really Eat To Reduce Cancer Risk.



  • Why Lifting Weights Is A Waste Of Time And What To Do Instead.
  • All That Cardio You're Doing Is Only Causing You To Hold Fat More Tightly.



  • Skip The Fancy Celebrity Department Store Chemical Serum Nonsense.
  • Get To The Root Cause Of Aging.



  • Best Test For Hashimotos
  • Stool Testing For Pathogens
  • Amino Acid Profile Testing
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Here's What Some Of My Clients Have To Say!

Why did you join my program?

"Because I trusted you could help me and I loved that you don't hold back, plus your dedication and knowledge."  — Suzanne G. Bentley BC CA

"I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and you look fabulous so I had to see what you’re doing!" — Lisa L. Mohegan Lake NY

"What you said made sense to me since it was about food and getting my body to work optimally." — Heather H, Wasilla, AK

"Because of your story, your research, and your results." — Nancie V. Orange, CA

"Because you're all natural, no drugs." — Lynne L, Sterling, CO

More Sexy Success Stories!

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Imagine If I Told You There Was A Drug...

That made you healthy, energetic, sleep great, and have a strong, sexy body.

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I'll Teach You How To Use It And Turn You Into A Fat Burning Machine!

What Am I Going To Eat?

Food Ideas Galore!

Women over 40 are no longer the invisible demographic. Don't get left behind because you look like an old, tired, useless woman.

With my Super Simple Recipes you’ll be the Boss Of Your Body & Health starting TODAY!

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I Offer You A Proven Plan That Is...

  • A complete done-for-you blueprint...
  • Designed to fix your crazy hormones and mood-swings…
  • Going to unleash lasting energy throughout your day...
  • Fun & easy to do…
  • Focused on complete cleansing (even your skin will glow!)…
  • Critical to shedding unwanted fat — not just ‘weight’ because you need muscle to be toned and look sexy...
  • Able to get fabulous results without difficult workouts…
  • Satisfying to your tummy and your tastebuds…
  • Quick and lasting — just 12-weeks for a new you…
  • FREE from the headaches of unanswered fears and endless Google searches…
  • Completely doable at home without expensive trips to the doctor…

Read those bullets again if you have to because this is the answer to all your problems. Yes, I’m telling you that with my system you will experience the breakthrough you’ve been dreaming of — and that’s GUARANTEED!

Feel Great & Look Fabulous!

"Women are always asking me for my tips and advice on losing weight and feeling great. They're all inside the members’ area in one, easy to navigate collection including every single product I love and use at wholesale prices direct to you. —Gianna


Progress, Not Perfection!

I Check On My Ladies Weekly!

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Just Take A Look At All The Fabulousness You're Getting!

If You Could Learn All This In Only 15 Minutes A Day For Three Weeks Would That Change Your Life?


Don’t Get Caught By Surprise! $297 VALUE — My Menopause Weight Loss Master Class features 5 short videos that detail the exact changes happening to your “over 40” body — if you’re heading into menopause these videos will help you understand the new normal and how to adapt to it.

FREE! My Exclusive Menopause Weight Loss Blueprint ONLINE COURSE Including 20 Training Videos, Step-by-Step Guide and Printable Workbook $497 VALUE — My purpose is to help you plan for success and these tools are designed to help you plan, attain and track that success.

Learn Everything About Your Hormones $197 VALUE — You’ll gain inspiration and valuable insight into what’s going on in your body with ALL THREE of my best-selling books (digital).

PRIVATE TEXTING SUPPORT Monthly Membership $97 VALUE — Get all your questions answered and gain the emotional support and inspiration that’ll help you reach new weight loss goals & health milestones. (THIS IS NOT A GROUP TEXT WITH BOTS, YOU WILL BE TEXTING ME DIRECTLY!)

Keeping Fabulous: My Daily Digest $97 VALUE — Stay current with all the latest info that keeps women over 40 fabulous, inside and out.

SFFM (Sexy & Fabulous Forever Membership) Discount Program $297 VALUE — As one of my members you qualify for special WHOLESALE pricing. That means you’ll have access to my ALL-NATURAL anti-aging secrets to staying healthy & vibrant. Gut Health Kit, Metabolic Reset Kit, Thyroid kit, Hormone Balance Kit, Sleep Better Kit, Hot Flashes Kit, And Antioxidant Kit

7-Day ZERO RISK Money-Back Guarantee — Either you're happy with my system or you get a refund. No hassles, ever!

That’s a total value of $1,482 but today, as a founding member, you’ll be locked into an incredible ***MIND BLOWING DISCOUNT***!

And remember, you can cancel at any time.

This will be a game-changer for you and I can’t wait to start on this journey together. Join me and thousands of other women who have taken their lives back!


This will be a game-changer for you and I can’t wait to start on this journey together. Join me and thousands of other women who have taken their lives back!


To health & vibrance,

Gianna Miceli

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P.S. If you want to feel sexy again you’re going to have to take action. You can’t go on doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. You owe it to yourself to at least give my system a chance to change your life. With my 7-day money-back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose but stubborn fat! Sign up right now and feel the difference in just 96-hours!

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