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  • Blast fat, especially stubborn belly fat.
  • ​Reduce or eliminate annoying hot flashes.
  • ​Reduce or eliminate anxiety & depression.
  • ​Breakthrough the confusion of HRT & BHRT.
  • ​Resume REM sleep for a good night's ZZZ's!
  • ​Increase your sexy libido.
  • ​Get your energy back without caffeine boosting.
  • ​Balance your immune system & stop getting run down.
  • ​Improve a strained marriage & other relationships.
  • ​Stop feeling invisible and feel like your normal self.
  • ​Stop the mindset that you are helpless to what's happening.
  • ​You can't help that you age, but you can help HOW you do!
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    A $600 Value!
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    Amazing Results!
    • A sustainable healthy effortless lifestyle.
    • ​All natural anti-aging prevention protocol
    • ​Breakthrough the myths of medical menopause protocol & understand the role hormones play.
    • ​Learn how to squash your menopause symptoms in the next 30 days.
    • ​Do as much as possible to avoid becoming a fat, sick, & tired old lady.
    • ​Create pleasurable healthy habits for life!
    • ​Learn how I made my menopause uneventful.
    • ​The boost of confidence you're looking for.
    • Feel sexy in your favorite outfits again.
    • ​Feel excited about your life because you feel amazing!
    Bonus #1! Understand WHY Your Fat 
    Is Difficult Now!
    Bonus #2! My Complete Guide To HRT That Your Doctor Will 
    Never Tell You!
    This Is Your Step-By-Step Guide To
    This Is Your Step
    By-Step Guide To
    Here's What You Get!
    • Six LIVE weekly group coaching and Q&A calls with me personally. ($6000 value)
    • ​My easy 3-step online system designed specifically for busy women to gain hormonal balance, dissipate menopause symptoms to look and feel sexy and fabulous. ($5000 value)
    • ​Delivered on any device online in an easy to follow format taking you step by step to getting RESULTS!
    • ​Daily email, text support, & accountability to insure you see results and feel hope that you're doing the right thing.
    • ​Unlimited 24/7 email access to get all your questions answered.
    • ​Customized functional medicine level metabolic profile to pinpoint and uncover the root cause of why YOU are struggling to lose weight and a customized plan to solve the problem. ($3500 value)
    • ​My hormone imbalance quiz to identify & address YOUR specific needs. ($1000 value)
    • ​A 30-day cleanse & jumpstart guide to get you out of the pleasure trap and what to expect during this process. ($2500 value)
    • ​What TO eat and what to AVOID list. (This is NOT a diet.)
    • ​Quick, easy, & delicious food guide & recipes.
    • ​Easy online & phone app food tracking tool.
    • ​Menopause weight loss video series blueprint. ($5000 value)
    • ​Self love, affirmation, & goal setting guide.
    • ​Amazing sleep expert interviews to help you get back to REM sleep.
    • ​Learn the role hormones play in keeping you "fat" from a world renowned natural aging and obesity medical expert.
    • ​A thirty year OB/GYN interview confirms what I've been saying for years. You don't need meds. You need a new menu for menopause. Find out why.
    • ​The secrets to finding hidden inflammation that is keeping you fat, sick, tired, angry, & anxiety ridden.
    • ​Learn how to conquer emotional eating.
    • ​My same exact menopause menu that gets your hormones & liver working optimally that every menopause woman needs to do.
    • ​Learn how your favorite drinks actually have hidden hormone disruptors that keep you fat.
    • ​The REAL scoop on how gluten is affecting you.
    • ​The best exercise advice for women over 40. You may be working out TOO hard and keeping belly fat.
    • ​How to identify the household toxins that are the absolute enemies to your hormones.
    • ​What you need to know about the food/breast cancer connection.
    • ​Learn from and network with other amazing & inspiring women supporting you along the way!
    • ​My coaching you daily for six weeks! ($3500 value!)
    Total Value $24,600!!!
    My Decade Of Research!
    Happy Graduates!

    Gina Centauro

     From Floral Park NY.
    "I was a size 18 my entire adult life and I was on thyroid and pituitary gland meds. Too many meds! My period stopped at 36 and my weight gain began. In ten years I was up to a size 22 and getting very worried about my health. After Gianna's program, I am down 75lbs in nine months! I am no longer pre-diabetic, no more high blood pressure, no more ankle & knee pain, and I have better skin. It works. I'm living proof!"

    Dana Dalton

    From Atlanta GA.
    " Gianna taught me how to look at my macronutrients and I make my food choices around keeping those in a fat burning zone. I am never hungry, suffering, or counting calories and I'm losing weight every week! I am happy I found you Gianna!"

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