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Gianna's Story...

You’ll never believe how I got on the path to realizing how much government fockery existed in the world that I became so involved as to teach it….
When I turned 41, I got fat, sick, and tired, and no doctor could tell me anything was wrong with me, but boy did they want to put me on a lot of drugs.
I saw five doctors seeking help and I could tell that either they had no idea how to fix me, or they were simply intent on pushing meds on me. 
That set me off on a path to find out how corrupt the FDA, CDC, AMA, and all the alphabet letter agencies were. They are never concerned about our health. It’s always about profits and control.
When I came to learn how John Rockefeller corrupted the medical schools, that opened the door to all the other banking & government fockery that went on that led to the enslavement we have today. Medical enslavement led me to discover government enslavement.
It’s no accident that civics is no longer taught in school, but what you will find here is that 99.9% of people have never ever been taught how to exercise their rights and freedoms. Welcome to Legal Fockery Legal Fockery University. We’ll set you free if you’re willing to take a stand to BE free.
Gianna Miceli - Nevadan

State National
State National

Gianna has been in the beauty business for 35 years in New York City, Las Vegas, & Miami. She became known as the "Menopause Master" after curating a decade's worth of research about how to lose weight & look great over 40.

The corrupt medical establishment only tries to prescribe "pills for ills" and never gets to the root cause of menopause misery. Gianna knew the doctors were not doing what was best for her so she sought out the answers on her own and found them.

She now has eight books about an all natural menopause and the nutrition required to make that happen and the #1 podcast on iTunes in the menopause category.
Her book "Free-Dumb: The Patriot's Playbook To Restoring Your Rights And Freedom" is Gianna's 9th book and one every patriotic American needs to read so they can not only go on the offense of the next mask & jab mandates, but be prepared on the defense as well. 


My Past Life...

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