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Read "Free-Dumb" To Get A Lesson On The Law You've Never Ever Been Taught.

Gianna Miceli has captured and detailed the State National process taught by the most sought after instructor in the world, David Straight, and put it together in an easy to navigate book, videos, & online membership to guide you step by step through the process to become a state national.

It's IMPERATIVE that you learn about:

  • Traffic Tickets & Court Scams

  • Driver's License Bonds Scams

  • Land Patents To Really Own Land

  • Property Taxes Scam

  • CPS Has No Authority

  • Auto Title Scam

  • The IRS Requirement Scam

  • Truth About Birth Certificates

  • Truth About Money & Loans

  • Pay Off Your Mortgage Easily

  • Holding Civil Servants Accountable

  • Why & How To Become A State National Who Is Free From Government Fockery

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