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Fauci Lied. People Died.

"Trust the science" they said.

But can you trust the SCIENTIST?

Sometimes on X (Twitter) the young people who can't articulate an argument end up calling me a "boomer". I'm a Gen-X, but that's not really the point.

With age comes wisdom.

When the Covid lockdowns came and mask mandates were instituted, those of us old enough to know this was just another government blah blah blah, went about our lives ignoring it like we did when President Obama announced a national emergency in 2008 named the "Swine Flu"which never affected my life in any way, shape, or form.

But this pandemic, under President Donald Trump, receieved daily and EPIC media coverage as if the world was coming to an end. It was impossible to ignore.

What astounded me the most was that nearly EVERYONE thought that the government could mask you, vax you, and tell you to close down your business for fear of the contagious cooties, even if you had no symptoms.

But what NOBODY seemed to know was what their rights were in regard to ALL OF THE ABOVE!

The legal standard is informed consent.

"Informed consent is a principle in medical ethics, medical law and media studies, that a patient must have sufficient information and understanding before making decisions about their medical care.

Pertinent information may include risks and benefits of treatments, alternative treatments, the patient's role in treatment, and their right to refuse treatment.

In most systems, healthcare providers have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that a patient's consent is informed. This principle applies more broadly than healthcare intervention, for example to conduct research and to disclose a person's medical information.

Informed consent requires a clear appreciation and understanding of the facts, implications, and consequences of an action. To give informed consent, the individual concerned must have adequate reasoning faculties and possess all relevant facts."

No such thing existed for an experimental vaccine.

My angle is always what is LAWFUL.

Legal is what you agree to.

Lawful is what aligns with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

You never needed a medical exemption.

You never needed a religious exemption.

You have rights that are INALIENABLE.

A simple NO THANK YOU suffices.

But people got railroaded and intimidated and threatened with termination if they said no.

The people who choose to fight are also winning their cases three years later.

We still have the Supreme Court Article Three courts, standing up for our rights as per the Bill of Rights but no government agent, let alone an agency, that is simply a private for profit corporation, is ever going to think about your rights.

The CDC and NIH are private for profit corporations with DUNS numbers. They do not provide services out of the goodness of their hearts.

It turns out the scientists we were supposed to trust were paid $700 million in "commissions". I'm not really sure what to call them since they didn't directly sell the vaccine to the consumer.

But they made scratch from this pandemic!

You always had informed consent on your side.

And you always will have it.

You always have your rights as they are INALIENABLE.

To learn how to become educated about your rights and how to stand upon them, purchase Gianna's book "Free-Dumb, The Patriot's Playbook To Restoring Your Rights And Freedom" and join the Inalienable University.


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