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Government Operates Through The Consent Of The Governed

What does that mean? That means they presumed something and unless you “stand” and correct it, they get your tacit agreement.

You unknowingly consented to be governed for instance, when you hand over your driver’s license to the policy officer.

You just gave him consent over you. You would never do that if you were educated about the reality of the situation you are entering.

state national information
state national information

You're a citizen, person, and a resident and then they use hearsay to convict you, or put you in jail, charge you a fine or a fee or a tax or whatever it may be. So they lead you down a path. They railroad you. A “person” to them, doesn’t mean the same as a person to us. It’s legalese and legal fockery.

What is the legal definition of the term railroad? To lead someone down a narrow path or rail to a predetermined outcome or conclusion. They will always try to get your signature so they can raid your trust by railroading you.


“About five years ago in the ninth district federal courthouse in front of Judge Bozeman, the lead Judge of the Ninth District, which was known as the most liberal district of our Federal Courts, a case was brought and the case was basically, there was a grandmother who was found guilty by a jury.

She was tried and found guilty of four felony counts of fraud.

She did nothing wrong.

But they spent four days in a trial, railroading her, and then gave her half a day to defend herself and denied all of her witnesses, and denied all of her evidence.

What could she do then? Don't you have a right to defend yourself? Don't you have a right to face your accusers? They didn't care. They said she had no rights. She couldn't bring the Constitution up in the courtroom.

They said don't bring that Bible into the courtroom. Don't bring that Constitution into the courtroom. Why did they say that? It's because you're not a party to it as a US citizen.

Did you know that? Did you know that you aren't a party to the Bible, and you're not a party to the Constitution?

There are two governments. There's a government of “We the People”, where we the people lay down the law, and a government steps outside of its scope and authority of the law in which “we the people” lay down, then they're committing felonies, they're committing emoluments violations.

That's Article One, Section Six, Clause Eight of the Constitution and it’s an emolument violation.

What is an emolument? It's where we pay them to do something and they act outside of that scope and authority, and they collect a fee from us. It's not part of their job description. It is not part of the law in which we lay down and they act outside of that. Therefore they commit emolument violations.

They're stealing from us, from the public, that they're getting paid to do something we didn't tell them to do or didn't give them the authority to do. One emolument violation also proved that judges and prosecutors get a net retention or a commission for finding someone guilty, and also prove that they share that with a defense attorney for a guilty verdict.

What is the guilty verdict? What do they do when they arraign you? They want you to plead guilty or not guilty. Did you know those are both commercial terms?

Commercial is commerce and requires your consent to a contract. You don't know you're contracting so that's a sentence you need to learn today. "I do not consent to contract." Thank you, but your offer to contract is rejected.

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