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My Most Awesome Traffic Ticket Victory

Some idiot on social media from Montana, on a Harley in his photo, just tried to school ME, about traffic tickets. I HAVE TO LAUGH. Here is my best victory to date and this was a year ago. My paperwork is even more powerful than this now.

This is how it's done, friends!! Why on earth would anyone still be a US citizen!

state national information
state national information

November 7th, 2022

Gianna Miceli

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Registered Mail # XXX XXX XXX US

Judge Rebecca Rusk Municipal Court City Of Panhandle Texas

D&B (redacted) XXX-XX-XXXX

1 Main St,

Panhandle TX 79068

Re: Case #XXXXX

To Judge Rebecca Rusk:

I am returning Citation/Case/CUSIP #XXXXXX, emphatically RESCINDING the offer to contract, as is my right of 72-hour rescission of any contract, and especially since I never agreed to contract with Officer A. Brown at the window of my rented automobile where she issued the citation.

On November 6th, 2022 at approximately 5:31 pm, Officer A. Brown turned on her emergency lights and drove behind me to pull me over in her “official” capacity.

I stated to her that I am an American State National, (as defined in USC Title 8 sec 1101 (a) (21) (23), and I showed her my passport card and passport book, and told her that I was traveling in my private conveyance, and not operating in commerce driving a motor vehicle, therefore I am not subject to any contracts implied or otherwise with the Panhandle Police Department, nor do any codes, statues, or bylaws of the Texas Transportation Code apply to me.

It is in your best interest to address this matter legally and not administratively because as per the “Texas Code of Judicial Conduct,” as amended by the Supreme Court of Texas through January 21, 2022, it is a violation of Cannon One; ”A judge shall uphold the integrity of the judiciary”, and as the Judge, it is against the code to uphold a contract entered via the threat of arrest that is also rescinded in a timely manner. I am rescinding a forced contract, and for you to claim otherwise is a violation of Title 18 USC Section 241 and 242 as a conspiracy to deprive me of my rights under the color of law.

When Officer A. Brown pulled me over, she committed NUMEROUS VIOLATIONS of law and my rights, specifically:

1. She put her emergency lights on behind me when there was no emergency.

2. She did not ask me if I was a US Citizen as per the United States Department of State Consular Notification And Access Manual.

3. She stated that she doesn’t know what a State National is, and stated that because my passport had the word“American” on it, that it referred to my being a US citizen and thus under her jurisdiction.

4. She claimed that I legally must produce my driver’s license to her, and that I have to in all 50 states despite the fact that I stated to her that I was traveling in private and not in commerce and am not required to even have a driver’s license to do so.

5. She asked if I showed the rental car agency my driver’s license which is none of her business and I’m not obligated to respond to her questions.

6. She threatened to arrest me unless I gave her my driver’s license.

7. She threatened to arrest me unless I put my signature on her citation, which is a financial instrument, which will be used to create a bond and for the court to profit from my trust, which is why I signed it “under duress”

8. She threatened to not return my passport book and card and claimed she had the right to confiscate it from me unless I signed the citation. She literally pulled her hand away from me when I went to take it back.

8. She threatened to arrest me unless I verbally stated that I would show up to the “mandatory” court date which is out of her purview.

If further threats of coercion or intimidation are received, I will hold you the Judge personally responsible for such violations since she is an untrained “officer of the court” which were her words.

I have enclosed the following references to law and requirements for your reference:

Exhibit A - Certified copy of my Affidavit of Truth and Assertory Oath Repudiation And Revocation of Citizenship to prove that I am an American State National.

Exhibit B - A memo from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEPARTMENT OF TRAVEL created by Norv Eisenberg of the Foreign National Division, that demonstrates that unless you can provide a contract that compels me to respond, you are committing an unconstitutional act as I am an American State National.

Exhibit C - The affidavit from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEPARTMENT OF TRAVEL which states the fee schedule I am entitled to insurance bond claims for my rights being violated.

Exhibit D - The police visor card showing the cargo body types of motor vehicles that are subject to the US Department of Transportation and Texas Transportation Code rules, code, statutes, and bylaws and you will not see a Buick, the automobile I was driving, on the chart.

Exhibit E - 18 US Code 241 & 242 shows the definition of “Conspiracy against rights & Deprivation of Rights Under The Color Of Law for your reference.

Exhibit F - 18 USC 112 demonstrates how my status as a non-resident alien, which is what a state national is, is a protected foreign official classification.

Exhibit G - Copies of the Texas Transportation Code 201.904 which demonstrates that speed signs and a driver’s license do not apply to me as I WAS NOT DRIVING A COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE.

Exhibit H - That Officer A. Brown arrested and restrained my liberty to come and go as I pleased for approximately 25 minutes.

Exhibit I - That Officer A Brown lacked probable cause to arrest me, being that I was obviously not driving a commercial motor vehicle in commerce.

Exhibit J - I included Supreme Court Case Law that I am not required to show identification to a police officer and that Officer A. Brown violated her oath to the Constitution by arresting me for approximately 25 minutes.

Additionally, I telephoned the Chief of Police of the Panhandle Police Department Chief Hardman who also stated that by “law”, Officer A. Brown was lawful in her actions of threatening to arrest me if I did not sign the citation. Hardman agreed with her so I requested that he show me the LAW that states that I be compelled to put my signature on a contract and financial instrument (CUSIP). He emailed me the entire Texas Department Of Transportation CODE and never articulated any law stating that I have to sign a citation.

Since my rights were extensively violated, I will be forced to invoice Officer A. Brown personally as per the fee schedule established by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEPARTMENT OF TRAVEL.

I, the co-beneficiary and only signatory of the vessel, am not obligated to pay anything and Officer A. Brown is responsible for this CUSIP (citation) and put my VESSEL’S name on a negotiable financial instrument fraudulently and I demand that it is destroyed immediately and no bond be created in my VESSEL’s name of GIANNA MICELI.

I remind you that:

  1. I, Gianna, a flesh and blood woman, am responding to you by special appearance ONLY to rescind the contract and demand the validity of any contract that compels me to perform for this court.

  2. Officer A. Brown, under threat of arrest, forced me to sign the citation under duress to acquire my signature to create a contract.

  3. This matter is not part of a court of record nor is it a civil or criminal court. That means you have no authority to enforce any non-contractual statute nor am I compelled to appear to respond to it.

  4. It’s the court’s responsibility to show cause of action.

  5. It’s the “fictitious plaintiff’s” responsibility to show they have standing.

  6. Please provide documentation proving that the prosecutor has power of attorney for the Town of Panhandle, or the State of Texas.

  7. Please reply with Judge Rusk’s Bar number, bonding information, and oath of office, and Officer A. Brown’s bonding information and oath of office that is up to date and whoever is insuring you.



By: :Gianna; .Miceli:

UCC 1-308



6 days ago

Most impressive...


Jan 30

Good job!

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