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Part Two: Proof That David Straight Is A Fraud & Con As Is Bobby Lawrence

So let's assess how David's life on the run is panning out.

By this time, David Straight had his initial arrest voided for lack of cause, there were warrants out for his arrest in Texas for guns. Even though it's fruit of the poisonous tree, as I've been told, David Straight was perpetrating securities fraud, while running from the law.

And Dave Wagoneer was aware of the reports I got over Katie not supplying people with her products despite her being paid.

David Straight does not have the "limited diplomatic immunity" he claims his passport grants him.

The paperwork that he prepared for Bonnie after her arrest was sent to me as a lot of things about David Straight are sent to me from complete strangers and this paperwork was so remedial I was shocked. I wish I could find it, but it's available to the public for $30 in Johnson County.

Images were also sent to me that Katie is the registered agent for two companies owned by Anthony Budreau, who spent nine months in Federal prison in Oklahoma for fraud. Birds of a feather! Thick as theives with David Straight.

I had already made the decision to no longer participate in David Straight events whether or not they had actually reinvited me. I absolutely could not tolerate the lack of professionalism of Katie.

I had a mole in my group.

But Dave Wagoneer went to Gainesville FL to sell his squares of Texas land, and during that week, he somehow turned on me and became BFF with Katie.

After all this Katie nonsense, I simply blocked her from text and Telegram. I did not even confront her about her transgressions against me, her lack of honor in not refunding my $150 nor providing me with the David Straight PDF. I simply chose to never allow her dark energy to enter my world.

When I saw that Katie named the David Straight PDF "Straight Talk University, Everything Else is SMU", an acronym David uses indicating "Shit Made Up", I took it as a dig to my university. They had never used the term before and I was the only one who had it in the state national community and this was after Katie's bizarre nasty Telegram messages to me.

Actually when I purchased I couldn't believe it was available, but I grabbed it.

So to revenge Katie's dishonor to me, I purchased the domain, and pointed it to my website. I knew Katie was stalking my website so I posted it. She was livid but I also wanted to prove what at terrible business person she was. She claimed it was "trademarked" by David Straight. Well to this day, I've never been contacted by trademark infringement. More lies by David and Katie.

By now, Katie realized that I blocked her from text and Telegram and went ballistic bad mouthing me in the Telegram group as if she kicked me to the curb.

All I did was block her, and she went psycho.

This is just the beginning but she went on for seven seeks straight in a psycho rampage about me. People would send me screenshots for hours all day. I could post at least 50 screenshots of her bad mouthing me with lies.

I renigged on an agreement to promote her??? LOL

She is on the last page of 800 books as a call to action to get an AOR from her! Dumb C-word.

At the time we were all in good standing, I had an entire web page dedicated to all the classes and I would promote classes on my Rumble show. I'm a team player. She never noticed that in her late night intoxicated Telegram hissy fit. It was she who never promoted me.

When the name of my book was put in the David Lester Straight Telegram channel, notice how it only appears twice, for the Johnson County event and never again. She did not promote me at all.

As a side note, and this is one of my favorite Katie activities, right after my first time vending at Johnson County, so March 2023, look what Katie asked ME to do! LOL

Katie's complete lack of judgement, family, and friends.

She asked ME to nanny for her four children, whom I had never met, never had been to her home, we were barely acquainted, and why would I get on a plane to travel from Las Vegas to the sticks of Texas, to babysit four kids which would take five days of my life including travel? For $1000??? LOL

Why ask me, a 53 year-old woman who is not even a mother to babysit? This tells me that she has no family or friends to ask. I'm the last person to ask, and why would I do this when I too would be selling my books at the same events???? I can't even take it how dim she is.

So now you've got the set up.


Let's take it home!

On to Gettysburg PA!!

I arrived at the hotel two days before the seminar.

While passing through the lobby, I OBSERVED that 25 or so "Freedom Coaches" from the Bobby Lawrence Telegram channels were attending a secret class held by the new gal teaching how to claim your minor estate via the Name Game.

It was a secret meeting to me, being that I didn't know it was scheduled and I saw Katie was attending ,which is really funny since Katie was not even an official state national. Why not?

Well because Katie has a tremendous fear of CPS, so despite her very BFF and questionable relationship with David Straight, Katie is probably on government assistance being that she has four children and I've never ever heard about their father(s) being around. Why else would she need ME to babysit.

I posted a comment in my private membership that morning and somehow it was screenshot and it was acquied by Katie and then shown to Bobby Lawrence.

I suspect it was Dave Wagoneer since he was a member, and never ever came inside, but on that day, the platform showed that he was indeed inside the membership at the time shit hit the fan and Bobby Lawrence called me. I confronted Dave about being in the membership that morning and he deflected answering my question about how Katie got the screenshot.

While I was at lunch at 12:30 with two ladies, Bobby called me and screamed at me for posting about the secret meeting. I had no idea it was truly a "secret" meeting. I apologized and told him I would delete it, which I did.

While Katie was in this very high level secret training, she was so involved studying...that she made this graphic about me. LOL

I was EXCORIATED for this, but look what Katie does. LOL

Yeah I'm jealous of Katie. LOL

A fat 42 year old single mother, former prostitute heroin addict alcoholic 100% dependent upon being a sister wife to David Straight's clan and can't earn a single dime without his grift with a double digit IQ.

Katie's bashing me on the David Straight Telegram channel got so bad that an admin asked me to tell David and send him screenshots to try to get her to stop. She was literally spinning out of control about me. He clearly had no idea what she was up to.

One can only assume he then asked her about the screenshots, and David only heard her side and never bothered to ask mine, which is entirely screenshot and in a neatly packed and chronicled narrative timeline.

F. U. Beta male David Straight. Fake Christian man of "honor".

Side bar info. David Straight approached me about translating my books into five other languages which I did, at considerable cost and effort to me. If he had any honor, we could have done amazing things to help people.

It's my personal opinion that Katie was extremely threatened at what I had to offer the community vs her silly t-shirts and skater dresses.

Katie loves to share screenshots so let's see some!

It goes on a bit more that is boring and David is obtuse. See how uninformed he is about what she does in her channel under his name? He was sent the literal screenshots but he just wants to be passive and for the ladies to play nice.

I have given Katie eight months to refund my $150. So WAR it is. She's so psycho about me that she announced on her page that because I was working with the gal from 1776, she would no longer promote her. Like Katie has control over who can work with me. LOL

Since Katie lives in the sticks, is broke, has no man, no tangible business, strapped with four kids desperate to support, her entire world is INSIDE that Telegram channel and her other channel Generall Fully Exposed. David should see what goes in inside that wackadoodle place.

So that was the end of me speaking to David.

But I was vending at the Gettysburg event now.

Because of Katie sharing the screenshot I made, Bobby Lawrence, who was friendly with me prior to this day, EXCORIATED me about the drama a second time, and then told me that I was no longer welcome at events, that I couldn't even purchase a ticket, LOL, until and unless I made amends with the ladies who hate me.

Not. A. Chance. In. Hell. Zero. Fucks. Given. About. The. Hens.

This was posted on Bobby Lawrence's telegram. Who does this? LOL I can't speak of what they're doing, but it's definitely weird. What grown man video tapes himself with guns and stacks of cash in envelopes?? Grifters.

Who's in this video? Bobby Lawrence, his wife Teah, Leland and his "wife". Who is Leland? Leland was introduced to the community in Oklahoma by David as "the man who was an IRS expert who took down the Clintons". HUH? How is he an IRS expert? How were the Clinton's taken down exactly?

So let's get to Marcella Crandall now, the hen who runs David Straight's 7K Metals team and offers PMA's via "David's way, and has a table for Mellaluca but is not listed as a Mellaluca member under her name.

Here is a REALLY BIZARRE BLOG about David and Marcella. I'm all for creative job titles, but this one, "Executive Director Of Strategic Relationships" really takes the cake. She signs people up to a network marketing company that sells silver coins.

Every woman around David Straight has bizarre issues with their children.

Marcella Crandall

At the Canadian TX event, I personally observed Marcella be very rude to a senior citizen who was hard of hearing. He was so appalled at her behavior and that she didn't answer his question, so I asked the question for him.

"What is the difference between the $199 membership and the $499 membership of 7K metals?"

She stated, and I quote, "Everyone gets the $499 one."

That's not an answer. She's an awful nasty c-word. I simply smiled and walked away.

I've since learned that Marcella simply stole the PMA that was made for David Straight by a lawyer, and put up the website and uses that document to charge people $2500 for someone else's work. She can't answer a single question about the workings of a PMA. She uses the same doument for everyone and just changes the name and earns $2500 using the "credibility" of David Straight. Well what's left of it.

Marcella is also a gal with CPS problems and hasn't seen her children in years. David Straight sure can attract the damsels in distress!

One night in Gettysburg, I was dining with another woman and we noticed Marcella alone at the bar. The other woman said hello and Marcella came over which was shocking to me because she rolls the nastiest vibes to me.

Without us asking, because I didn't know a thing about her up until this moment nor would I ever ask her a question about herself, she shared how nervous she was because she's in fear for her life and usually stays in a room next to MCO Tony (who's MIA by the way) to feel safe.

We were in the elevator together and I was staying on the 3rd floor and she on 4. I offered to walk her to her room and she declined. She was very nervous so I gave her a hug. I don't give hugs. And from then on, I get hate rays from her and she bad mouths me.

Let's review the facts.

  • David Straight has never spoken about his children as adults, and we suspect he does not see them. They don't come up on a background check of him.

  • Bonnie Straight lost custody of her children and hasn't seen them in years and court papers state that she pulled a gun on her ex husband and children. She is jail today becasue as part of her probation, a contract she signed, she agreed to turn in to the state all her guns for five years. So when she got caught accidentally bringing a .22 into the courthouse, she got busted and back to jail. She broke probation. She broke a contract. Do not feel sorry for her.

  • Marcella lost custody of her children and hasn't seen them in years. A background check of Marcella shows that she was a realtor and a manager for Payless Shoes. But now she's a PMA expert. LOL

  • Sherry Noeller (Katie) had CPS visit due to her daughter having a seizure at school. One can't possibly know if that is all there is to the story being that Katie admitted to being a prostitute heroin addcit TO MY FACE when I just met her.

Katie's background check was fascinating. She is currently 42 years old. Her ex husband is currently 31 years old. They divorced in 2013. So how old was he when she created children with him or other men? I have no idea but it sure raises questions.

  • Bobby Lawrence burned the bridge with his children and hasn't seen them in years. He's spoken those words to the followers.

So Gettysburg was the last event I sold my books at.

The hotel in Gettysburg was SWELTERING hot, lacking any AC and it was July. Even my dog was suffering in the room.

Through out the day, women would leave the room and return with way less clothing on. I was wearing jean shorts, my sparkle cowboy boots, and a long white double breasted jacket that covered my backside all the way to my knees. I had no intention of walking around the event in shorts and tank top, but it was just too hot. I was dripping in sweat.

So here I am in my fit body and I was told that Teah Lawrence said, "Who is she (meaning me) to walk around her shaking her cakes?" I have to laugh. I'm Gianna. My cakes were earned. I actually workout.

I was also gossiped about at this event and walked around not knowing who was no longer my friend. It didn't matter to me. They don't hurt my feelings. I know why hens don't like me.

One woman named Grey Patriot had a young daughter who wanted to constantly pet my little dog and I let her do so many times, but I couldn't let her do it EVERY TIME she wanted at the event. That woman complained about me being rude to her child in the telegram channels because the Telegram channels are like high school.

The colossal lies of Bobby Lawrence.

Since Gettysburg, I've learned that Bobby Lawrence told people that I "seduced" him, and performed oral sex on him. For real. Can you fathom the insanity of this statement???

There's not a person on the planet who would believe that lie, but look at how he worded it. I "seduced" him. LOL

The men folk circulated a rumor that I was seen leaving Bobby's room. Not a chance in hell.

Here is big fat estrogen diabetes belly red blotchy faced junkie cigarette smoker and former admitted crack addict low IQ loser Bobby Lawrence on the right in this photo.

I would let rats crawl through sewage then across my open eyeballs while swallowing Drano before I'd ever touch that man or let him touch me.

On what planet would anyone with an IQ over 85 believe that I would be so desperate and disgusting that I would be sexually involved with this piece of shit.

And here's Teah Lawrence, the wife who was asking who was I to walk around shaking my cakes.

I've never said more than hello to this woman.

Never had a conversation with her in my life. But she has to speak of my cakes. Why Teah? Why do my cakes trigger you? Maybe because your man is a pig who looks at and makes up stories about other women?

He told me that when he met you he was dating five strippers. Not that I believed that story for a second. You are his luv. So why mention my cakes hen?

I've 100% exited the state national world.

So for the last six months I've been out of the Telegram groups. I have my own lane.

I have my show, my book, and my membership.

I've been sorting through what was the truth and what was lies.

I am of the position that there is no such thing as a "state national".

CLICK HERE to see my 24 page Affidavit Of Truth & Facts document that I initially sent to Katie in the wake of her lies about me that was between myself and her. She chose to make it public.

Then read her insane rebuttal of lies.

Then my rebuttal to her despicable lies. CLICK HERE.

Here's her contiued insanity. I paid her $500 to file for my all caps trademark back in March (don't do it, it has no use unless you're a movie star). It was rejected and to my complete shock, she refunded the $500 but not because she is generous and it was the right thing to do, but I'm sure there was some legality for failure to produce as the agent of record.

But she refuses to pay me the $150 she owes me. LOL She wants to war with me over this.

What's most fascinating is the lunacy of her forgiveness, when it was always she who transgressed upon me. The ultimate gaslighter. The fake Christians of this movement is vile.

Keep reading to see the rest of the criminal activity.


And my final rebuttal. I'm done. CLICK HERE

I've been sorting through how I have amazingly survived the attempted hit on my reputation.

I'm doing FABULOUS. I have fans, followers, members, and friends.

My law of attraction is on fire. I attract good people who want to learn how to exercise their rights.

So What Am I Doing Now To Help People Learn To Live Free And Exercise Their Rights?

State National University has been changed to Learn Freedom University, or LFU.

What is true that David Straight teaches, is that the government is private for profit corporations acting under the color of law and have no authority over you without consent.

So where are you giving them consent?

That's what we teach. We teach you how to think at every angle where are you giving agencies consent over you?

My Team!

I have an amazing guest instructor who is a lawyer who never joined the BAR, who is also a UCC and banking law expert and he has lived in the private all his adult life.

I have a licensed BAR attorney who operates on the freedom side exposing the fraud of the mortgage industry. He is also a licensed, certified, private investigator for securities.

I also have an heir to three generations of banking who decided to expose the fraud.

Apparently I was also living in the private for the last 24 years without knowing it.

No IRS. No state issued licenses for how I make a living. No LLC bullshit. Now I carry without a CCW. I have the 2nd Amendment.

How can you be free without state national fraud paperwork?

We will teach you how to declare your status as a non-resident alien foreign national, 8 USC 1101 (21). It's a real thing and it removes you from the slavery of being a 14th Amendment statutory US citizen enslaved to the corporation that is the UNITED STATES.

I have ten victories challenging jurisdiction and won them all. My batting rate is 100%.

David Straight did not teach me how to stand. I figured it out on my own.

He preaches concepts that never come to a conclusion. Look at the nonsense he's posting now at the end of December 2023.

His latest grift is prayers for Bonnie, his new membership site that makes absolutely no sense but you can get AI for $29.99 a month or get zoom time with him for $1900! LOL

And I'll end this very long post with this...The Criminal Activity.

  • David Straight and his friend Leland, tried to convince a few rich guys that for $150,000, they know a guy, who is Mossad (I kid you not) who can "unlock" a portal to access MILLIONS of dollars but you have to pay this guy the $150K and will get $1.5 million back!

Um, so why does the guy need you? LOL

  • Bobby Lawrence and Leland planned to get Leland's wife's estate only to steal it because Leland wanted to leave her and has no income. Leland told me personally that he didn't love his wife and didn't want to marry her, but he did anyway. Leland called me on three occasions expressing how he thought I was attractive and wished he'd met me before his present wife. He was feeling me out as a soft place to land.

No thanks Leland. You're not remotely in my league.

  • Bobby Lawrence is running a scam where people invest in restoring some NESARA/GESARA law. Many in the community are hanging their lives on NESARA/GESARA for their freedom. I'm told one couple has given him $70,000 and their home is in forclosure.

  • David Straight recently claimed that he helped someone claim their estate and it was worth.....(drumroll please) $100 BILLION dollars. I have to laugh! The grift goes on and on!

  • When Bonnie Straight was going through her divorce in which her ex-husband was trying to take her house, David Straight advised Bonnie to simply shoot the Deputies serving papers. Wrap your head around that.

  • At the Johnson County seminar, David spoke of going to the local gun dealer and said he bought a few weapons with his Texas Republic ID. So others tried to do the same from the same store on the same day, and the owner of the store denied that he ever sold David any arms with his ID. More lies!

  • David Straight also tried to sell off whatever domain names he owns related to the Texas Republic. Must be hard up for dough! LOL

  • Bonnie Straight had the respect of a lot of people, being a born Texan, but she brought the devil into Texas. Bonnie Straight loves the stage and the clout that hanging on to David Straight brought her and look where she is now. Behind bars.

  • I personally know of five people who stopped paying their mortgage and ended up losing their homes because David Straight told them they could dismiss their mortgage with a silver quarter like Bonnie did. That was a lie. Bonnie's ex husband now owns her former home. Katie posted about it in the Telegram.

  • Bonnie Straight told a member of the Republic of Texas to stop paying his mortgage and that he could pay it off with a silver dollar. I've never ever heard of a single person who had success doing this and many have tried.

And here we go! Bobby Lawrence NOW has the answers! LOL His bank account is getting low!

How can he have the answers to claiming the estate since he allegedly already helped people claim their estates?

Are you awake yet?

When I end things I say, you go where God takes you, and I'll go where God takes me. It takes a lot of balls to post this much truth and facts but I am wrapped in God's protection from these demons.

People have to learn what these criminals are up to and stop giving them their money.

I teach people how to live as private civilians and how to remove themselves from fraudulent government adhesion contracts that gave the government jurisdiction over them.

I teach how to obtain private economic activity free from government access.

I teach the truth about money mechanics and loans.

You CAN challenge the validity of your mortgage and find out the status and challenge the bank to release the lien. You can't pay it off with a piece of silver.

Every single thing I teach can be backed up by law, founding documents, and Supreme Court decisions. Those are my favorite.

Thanks for reading.

To learn how to live IN THE PRIVATE, join

I'd love to hear anyfeedback about what you read text me at 561-220-1833.

Here are some of the mesages I've received since this posted:


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