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The Truth About Traffic Tickets

The Officer creates a cause of action on the street in the public.

The Ticket creates a case number.

The case number creates a CUSIP number which is a bond.

(A CUSIP means Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures )

Through the court’s ISIN # (International Securities Identification Number) they sell the bond out the backdoor of the courthouse into a prison bond or municipal bond fund and it’s traded in the bond market, and creates income based on your ALL CAPS NAME on your driver’s license number.

If and when this bond goes unclaimed for three years, which it always does, because you don’t know it exists, the court gets to keep the bond money!

This is a multi-zillion dollar business the public has no idea is happening. Have you ever sat in court for a day and have seen how many people go through the system? The courts are for profit, private corporations with Dun & Brad street numbers. A D&B number is the credit bureau for corporations. If a company is listed there, it’s a for profit company.

The police, the court, the prosecutor all work for private for-profit corporations acting and pretending to be the government, under the color of law, depriving people of rights without them knowing it.

Violating 18 USC 241 & 242 Conspiracy and Deprivation of rights UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW, which means it looks like law, but is not.

And for this reason, that you’re manipulated and persecuted and paying for your own persecution, is why you should be fired up, and interested in removing yourself from the system, and learning how to deal with the system if necessary.

It’s so simple that you’ll kick yourself in the ass for not knowing this information sooner.

You need to understand that literally, 99.9% of the courts in the USA are administrative, operate under admiral jurisdiction, and have no authority over you. But you also need to understand their language, and how you unknowingly give them tacit, implied consent to do business with you, because it’s just business. It’s commerce. Commerce requires a contract. And unless you express that you do NOT wish to contract, it’s presumed that you do, and it’s legal.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to how the public has been duped into what I call “Legal Fockery”.

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