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The War Between “We The People” And The BAR Association

The BAR Association is a cause of the vast majority of problems we have in America and the world. They own and control everything.

Who do you think controls every single thing you look at and every single thing you encounter? We live in a time in which we have some of the largest companies that have ever existed in the world.

We've got Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, Blackrock, Vanguard. Who do you think controls those? Who do you think controls mom and pop stores? Who do you think controls the government of Washington DC?

Who controls all the little municipalities and county governments?

We the people think that we elect our representatives, and they control the government, and the CEOs make the decisions for the corporations.

No, not one CEO, and not one legislator makes a decision. Not one. Invoices, contracts, brochures, policies, descriptions, every single one of them is not written by CEOs. They’re written by lawyers.

CEO’s don't make a decision without running it past their legal departments. The BAR Association makes the decisions that run the world.

The truth is, that lawyers and judges barely know they “law”. They don't know its origin. They don't know where it came from. What they learn in law school is PROCEDURE.

Where did the law come from? What is its origin? How did we arrive at this thing called law where a small group of men could put something down on paper and try to hold free men and women accountable?

Let’s start with jurisdictions. Most people think of jurisdiction as a physical boundary like their town, county, or state. That’s just part of the equation.

There are three jurisdictions in the law.

It was in Genesis 1:26 that God gave man dominion over the land, the air, and the water.

The law of the land became common law. God gave all mankind property, its equity, and its rights.

Our rights are “un-a-lien-a-ble”, meaning they cannot place a lien upon our rights. Those rights are unalienable. It has to do with things of property; nature, patents, and grants and securities, gold, silver, commodities, and things we own.

That's what common law is. It deals with properties. It deals with our rights.

The air is the highest form of law. The air is above the land which is above the water. The air is ecclesiastical, or Canon law, which is trust law. All things held in trust held in the benefit of another; our heirs.

In Genesis 1:26; then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Why did God start that off? Right in the very beginning of the Bible, he put the world under trust to mankind. We're the trustees. He's the executor. He placed it to us to manage for the benefit of our beneficiaries; our future heirs for generations to come, and lives in perpetuity forever.

What is the definition of forever? Forever has until the end of the earth, that we're an eternity.

Jurisdiction of the water is admiralty law. It is commerce and contract law; things held in contract with another. Think about when there were ships going across the seas to find, visit, and bring goods to other lands. There had to be things in place for international regulations right? That’s admiralty law.

Probably everyone reading this has signed a contract at some point in their life, having no idea that it was most likely unlawful. There are some interesting elements to a true contract that a BAR Association member doesn't want to teach you.

The BAR Association teaches you that there's got to be an agreement consideration. Both people have to sign and you've got a contract. That's not true. There are eight elements of a contract. But one of the most important of those elements is that a contract has to be between like kind. Can a man write a contract with a man? Yes. That means mankind in this context, not gender specific.

So a man can have a contract with a man. But a corporation has to have a contract with another corporation. Have you ever signed a contract with a corporation? Like with a gym? How about your apartment lease? Or a mortgage? Or opening a bank account? We do it every day and we’re probably doing so using our ALL CAPS name as our corporate entity without even being aware of it. Sometimes we’re doing it with our non caps name, and it’s not a lawful contract.

Can a man have a contract with a corporation? No. Why did they put things in corporations? To limit liability just to that corporation. Do you as mankind have limited liability? No.

If a man has integrity, purpose, and knows all eight elements of a contract and writes a proper contract where there's a meeting of the minds, that’s a proper lawful and legal contract.

There's full and honest disclosure of the terms and conditions of the contract. There's equal consideration where one person gives something up, and one receives. It has to be a two way street.

So why did government entities recreate themselves as corporations? The reason is because of a lack of integrity. If they had integrity they would never need a corporation.

One of the main things to be learned is that the United States of America is not the same thing as the United States; it is not the same thing as USA Inc.

So how do you live between the two? I'll teach you in my book.

My blogs are taken from chapters in the book to showcase what you can learn in the book.


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