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1776 Bling Necklace
  • 1776 Bling Necklace

    Get my 1776 BLING necklace to show the world you are a free living wo/man.


    I love it because it starts conversations to find like minded people and for me, to share my book and university.


    Two to three weeks delivery time as each one is custom ordered.


    *These items are not actual silver or gold.

    They're just fun.


      This is a download that you can print out and put into plastic sleeves that lay out your case to the policy reveue officers as you grow stronger in your freedom knowledge that proves.....YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO TRAVEL IN THE PRIVATE so says the Supreme Court. 23 Pages Of Proof!

      You will see the link to download it after you check out


      There are no refunds under any circumstances.


      The books ships media from UPS only. No PO Boxes please.

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