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Traffic Stop Cheat Sheet Window Sticker

Traffic Stop Cheat Sheet Window Sticker

Do Not Purchase This If You Are Not A Member Of My Free From The DMV Course.

I will not mail it nor refund you.


I created this awesome window sticker so you always have the questions you should be asking a police officer when he pulls you over if you are traveling in the private!


Even if you're nervous, which you will be, you'll be armed with these questions that box him into admitting you ARE being investigated AND detained, so you can politely exercise your rights.

It sticks to your window like an oil change sticker so it's easy to take on/off.

Don't drive unarmed!!


Do not purchase this if you are not a member of Learn Freedom University DMV Course.

I will not refund you for being stupid.


Be armed with the information to stand up for your rights!


    This is a download that you can print out and put into plastic sleeves that lay out your case to the policy reveue officers as you grow stronger in your freedom knowledge that proves.....YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO TRAVEL IN THE PRIVATE so says the Supreme Court. 23 Pages Of Proof!

    You will see the link to download it after you check out


    There are no refunds under any circumstances.


    The books ships media from UPS only. No PO Boxes please.

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