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Three Steps To

Mastering Menopause Weight Loss!

If You Are Fat, Sick, & Tired And Can't Take It Anymore.


I Swear On My Soul, My Fortune, And My Honor That Every Word I Speak Is The Truth Of My 12 Years Of Research And Self Experimentation.

Turn up the volume!

Sexy Success Stories!

Dina Went From Walking With A Cane To Boxing Classes, & Off All Multiple Sclerosis Meds In Less Than One Year!

The Three Steps To Mastering Menopause Weight Loss:

1. Join my Menopause Membership and get my exact blueprint to blast fat over 40 for FREE plus text support from ME!

2. I give you a complete metabolic health analysis that will show you EXACTLY why you're struggling to lose weight. I'll find YOUR fat loss blocks. 100% money back guarantee.

3. Turn up the dial on your mineral health as discovered after my metabolic consult, and your body will heal, and THEN the fat will fall off just like it did for Dina.

She's down 75 pounds, 10 sizes, and off meds!

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All The Tools You Need To Find What's Causing Your Fat Struggle.

All The Support You Need To Really Make A Lifestyle Change.

All My Products You Need To Restore Hormone Balance.

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Gina Reversed Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, Meds & Lost 75 Pounds!

“I was a size 18 my entire adult life and I was on thyroid meds, meds for my pituitary gland, too many meds! 

My period stopped at 36 and my weight gain began.

In ten years I was up to a size 22 and getting very worried about my health.

After talking with Gianna, I'm now 46 years old, and down 75 lbs and ten sizes in nine months!

"I'm no longer pre-diabetic, no more borderline blood pressure, no more ankle and knee pain, and have better skin. It works. I'm living proof! " - Gina, Floral Park NY

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So You Can Start Breaking Down The False Information You've BeenProgrammed To Believe About Weight Loss.

Episode 44: Why It's So Hard To Lose Fat?

There's A Hormone Messaging Breakdown!

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Get My "Menopause Weight Loss Master Class"

And When You Finish You'll Know More Than Your Doctor!

I am...

Gianna Miceli

and at 53 years old, I am known as a disruptor and thought-leader to 1000's of gorgeous women across the globe.

I am the host of the Sexy & Fabulous Lifestyle 5-star rated podcast. 

I’m also the author of the book that's not allowed to be advertised by Google, Amazon, or Facebook,

A speaker, and a self-made metabolic genius and I'm 8 years post menopause keeping sexy & fabulous at 53.

What is now a world wide membership site and consulting empire, with clients in South Africa, Jordan, Canada, & the UK, began as a Facebook group that I created in early 2014 to inspire and empower other women to be their most fabulous, sexy selves.  

You can read about me on "My Story" page for the full genesis of how I even ended up in this unusual consulting career.

Starting here is the perfect place to find the most popular resources that have helped Sexy And Fabulous Forever members dive into mastering menopause without excessive information overload.

This page has been carefully curated for the beginner who will eventually move on to the more advanced teachings taught in my Sexy And Fabulous Academy.

Once you’ve looked at the resources on this page, I invite you to check out my other offering on the "Program Page".

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I Biohacked

Menopause Misery

& Weight Gain...

And I'm 100% Sure You Can Too.

What I say goes against the typical medical establishment advice of a "pill for an ill".

I passionately offer women over 40 a weight loss solution that gives almost immediate results to give them the hope they lost failing at so many other "diets". 

It’s not just another weight loss scheme, but a simple and easy blueprint to take them from frumpy to fabulous in their bodies and quit hiding behind ugly, stretchy,  clothing.

I guide them to building healthy habits for a long term lean & strong body, being active in their lives as mature women, having more energy, gaining rockstar confidence, and finding the deeper purpose in their lives they’ve been searching for.

I have tons of great free info to get you started changing the way you think about fat loss and living your life.

If you're ready to REALLY make changes, slow down and see what I have to offer here.


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"Hormone Replacement Therapy is the biggest fraud perpetrated on American women in the last 80 years."

-Dr. John Lee

I agree! I'll explain the fraud to you in my Master Menopause Weight Loss Master Class.


Check Out My 40lb

Weight Loss!

I've kept it off for 8 years now by eating my "Menopause Menu".

Get All Three Books Included When You Join The Menopause Membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey......This Is The Reality.

We were all rocking sexy gals in our 20's & 30's.

My promise to you is that in 90 days, I'll show you how to change the direction of your health so that you’ll never have to search for a way to lose weight ever again.

I speak about how to bulletproof your income by bulletproofing your health!

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Stop Listening To Medical Propaganda!

This Is What I Do When Women Think They Need HRT For


Skip the cancer and turn up the dial on your nutrition to be as sexy and fabulous as I am.

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Get My "Menopause Weight Loss Master Class" And When You Finish You'll Know More Than Your Doctor!

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