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"Medically Treated Menopause Is The Biggest Fraud Perpetrated

On American Women In The History Of The World!" 

I Show Women Over 40 How To Go From Frumpy To Fabulous Using Food & Kick Big Pharma To The Curb!

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Gianna Miceli Wants To Speak To Your Tribe!

Less than one year of debuting her Menopause Podcast, Gianna received the "Top Ten Valuable Podcast For Women Who Inspire Women" by Invest Courier.
With her Five Star Rated International Podcast, & Gianna TV Menopause Hack videos, Gianna is reaching thousands of women and introducing them to the best natural menopause remedy...NUTRITION!
Gianna Miceli is an award-nominated patient leader by WEGO Health Network."
Thrive Global says she is one of the "Top 10 Women In Wellness"."
She is the World’s #1 Menopause Mentor & Coach and a leading authority on a med free menopause transition.
In her books she shares details about why American women are miserable in their menopause years more than ever before in the most modern time in history.
Absolutely anyone can follow her five-ways to diagnose your fat loss blocks that will help you combat a miserable menopause, set motivating goals, and create the healthy habits that work for YOU.
Gianna is a resident of Las Vegas.

My Mission!

By 2025 there will be 30 million women in the menopause demographic carrying 85% of the purchasing power.

I’m a gal who left home at 16, and without formal education worked my way up from being a busgirl in a senior citizen buffet restaurant, to a very successful private hair stylist in NYC & Las Vegas who worked on Fox News Media Stars & Britney Spears for her Las Vegas show.

As myself and my clients got older, we went through menopause together, and we all had no idea what to do about it.

Those women were mostly married and not self employed and single and financially independent like I was, so getting fat, sick, and tired meant that my income was at risk, which meant that my fantastic lifestyle was at risk.

For me, this was a problem that had to be solved. My life literally depended on it.

Over four years, I saw five doctors and spent over $18,000 and they were of no help to me and only made me more fat, sick, tired, and angry.

It wasn’t until I met an amazing woman that put me on the path of natural healing that I was able to restore my health using only food and supplements.

I show women how to lose weight and go through menopause all naturally.

I have five books about menopause and my podcast is called Menopause Fockery, and I have a hormone balancing supplement line.

There are Facebook groups with tens of thousands of women desperately seeking knowledge about how to maneuver through menopause and so many of them are not only losing their minds, but losing their jobs, careers, businesses, and marriages because of not knowing how to deal with this decline in their physical and mental health.

I’ve even had husbands contact me telling me to friend their wives because they need my help and want their best friends back.

Every woman needs to hear about natural menopause options that she will never hear about in her doctor's office.

Menopause Myths


"I'm Disrupting The Paradigm That Has Brainwashed Women To Believe That They Need A Medical Plan For Menopause & Weight Loss So They Can Free Themselves From Dieting And Live Their Most Sexy, Fabulous, & Delicious Dream Life."


Favorite Topics

"Ten Smart Things Women Can Do To Avoid The Menopause Trap And Rock Middle Age".

  • Getting older is inevitable. Looking older is a choice.
  • Why your doctor is the last person to see about menopuase.
  • How to grow old WELL the way Mother Nature intended you to. 
  • Nutrition is THE BEST anti-aging.

"How To Bulletproof Your Income By Bulletproofing Your Health."                 

  • Your health is non-negotiable to your survival
  • Agism & sexism exist. You must remain valuable to your employer & clients.
  • What happens to your income if something happens to your health?

"It's Not Your Fault. It's Your Hormones. You Are Not Medically Defective."

  • Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired & Angry in 2022.
  • How To Find What's Stalling Your Fat Loss Without A Doctor.
  • How To Get Your Metabolic Processes Working Optimally
  • Choose A Menu Over Meds
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Gianna's talk will leave your audience with actionable content they can take home and implement to immediately assesses their hormone health and correct it.


When You Invite Gianna To Speak:

  • Your audience gets moved to tears by Gianna's inspiring story.
  • Your audience gets inspired by Gianna's successful testimonials.
  • Your audience gets hope for themselves to never give up on their health or their own dreams.

“Gianna is one of the most accomplished, professional speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Because of her passion for helping women, she has delivered impactful presentations for Bring Pretty Back, packed full of life changing knowledge  that is easy to follow and implement.”

Kristin Schmidt - Owner Bring Pretty Back Events

"Gianna is a vibrant speaker who creates an inspiring experience for the audience.

Her enthusiasm to help women radiates. She packs her talks with the knowledge audiences can immediately use to assess themselves, and the motivation to get started."

Jatin Sidhu - Senior Manager Prism Events

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Target Audience:

Women 40-60 years old who are confused about the rapid changes happening to them pre and post menopause, who are ready for their second act in life and refuse the paradigm that getting older means growing old.

They're entrepreneurs, and C-Suite executives who's income and status require their health is optimal.