"Have You Tried Every Single Thing You Can Think Of To Lose Weight

But Still Struggling, Starving, & Psychotic?" 

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Hear the TRUTH from ME, a Certified Holistic Detoxing Health Master. I'm 52!


My weird hormone hacks that got me from a size 12 to a 6 in only 6 months.

My promise is that you will Eat MORE & WEIGH less!

Avoid the Menopause Trap.

Keep It Off For Good.

Reduce Inflammation & Depression!

Look Sexy Again & Have Teenage Energy!


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If I cannot help you, I will 100% refund your consultation payment.

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What This Is NOT....

Not Vegan Not Paleo Not Keto No MLM No Shakes No HRT No HCG No Meds No Counting Points No Starving No Willpower No Suffering No BS!

Who Is This For?

It's for women who have tried every single thing you can think of to lose weight but have failed. It is your escape from yo-yo dieting and misery!


Weight Gain




Hot Flashes


Hair Loss

Uncontrolled Cravings

Difficulty Moving Bowels

High Stress

Painful Menstruation

Lack Of Sleep

Loss Of Libido

Bloated/Water Retention

Brain Fog

Dull Skin

Chronic Illness

Distant Husband

Is this YOU??


Lose Weight

Gain Energy

Feel Calm

Feel Happy

Reduce Hot Flashes

No More Headaches

Restore Hair Growth

Control Cravings

Empty Bowels

Reduce Stress

Easy Menses

Good Sleep

Increased Libido

No More Bloat

Clear Thinking & Mind

Younger Looking Skin

Restore Overall Health

Husband Adoring You Again

Would you like THIS to be YOU?

#1. No Dieting, Counting Calories, Or Suffering

Weight loss is not only about calorie counting anymore for women going through menopause, but creating the correct hormonal chemistry for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism to occur.


#2. Eat To Boost Your Metabolism

Hormones such as cortisol, leptin, and ghrelin create the perfect environment to transition your body into sugar/glycogen/carb/fat burners. The foods I suggest will boost your metabolism to avoid the low calorie/low metabolism trap.


#3. Reduce Inflammation Just By Eating

Reducing inflammation is key to achieving menopausal weight loss. 

Inflammation and stress cause your body to store more fat, continuing the cycle.



I've learned from the BEST lifestyle medicine doctors in the industry.

Why Are My Hormones Making Me Fat?

My book explains why hormones cause your weight gain, cravings, and uncontrollable hunger-and how I help women just like you to fix this problem.

What's Blocking My Fat Loss Efforts?

I'll tell you how to figure this out from the comfort of your own home. I'll look into your current diet, exercise, stress, past health history, and lifestyle habits to ensure I've got the whole picture on your struggles to successfully losing weight and rebalancing your hormones.

How Can I Get My Hormones Balanced?

I'm going to create a targeted delicious menu that you choose, & teach you stress management and lifestyle habits that can help you drop inches, get back in balance, and be feeling yourself again.

💖 What Makes My Program Unique? 💖


💖 Frequently Asked Questions 💖

If there is a question not shown, send it to me at [email protected]

I developed my exclusive food & hormone reboot program from my own arduous journey over four years of extensive Google searching, having seen three endocrinologists, and spending $18,000 on so called "experts" and trainers, to figure out why my weight would just not budge once I was over 40. 

Once I discovered the few missing pieces, I transformed my weight, my cravings, my attitude, my energy, and my entire life! 

The blessing of my protocol isn’t just for weight loss, but recovery from exhaustion & chronic conditions. It will empower you in whatever areas of life you are looking to improve.

Absolutely not! But when you're over 40 & 50 is when disease, chronic illness, & menopause symptoms start showing up. The sooner you address your metabolic condition, the easier your life will be.

I help men too! I'm the weight loss coach at Westchester Boxing Club.

Are you suffering from...

  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis or Joint pain
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Inflammatory Disorders
  • IBS
  • Obesity or Being Overweight
  • Difficulty losing weight

Then this is for you!

I promise you all this:

  • improved hormone health
  • weightloss
  • look younger
  • sleep better
  • no more fatigue
  • no more foggy brain
  • ditch depression
  • menopause is no big deal
  • no more PMS
  • rockstar confidence
  • no guesswork about how
  • don't go it alone
  • stop driving your husband crazy
  • be able to be social again


Because they've been constantly dieting and destroying the way their hormones are supposed to work, or eating too much fat and destroying how their hormones are supposed to work.
I will show you how to eat more and weigh less.
I will show you how your hormones are supposed to be working in harmony so that you feel and look amazing.
Don't worry! We EAT in this program!

Yes!! Absolutely!

I will take a comprehensive health consult and show you how to easily measure your metabolism to see where you specifically need to heal.

You are NOT medically defective!

You're eating and drinking your way to it.

I'll show you how YOU can EASILY monitor yourself and know what is blocking your fat loss.

Absolutely not! My approach is to fix at the root cause using real foods.

In the case that you need digestive and metabolic repair, which you most likely do, I recommend amazing physician quality supplements to kick start the detox.

Anyone over the age of 18! But mostly women over 35, 40, 50, and even 60.

You don't have to be menopausal but if you are, I'm your gal!

I help all women regardless of their weight or medical conditions. I'm especially interested if you're considering bariatric surgery or any of the other "quick fixes" that will further damage your metabolism & gut health. Let's get it in working order.

Yes! You may only cancel on the 42nd day  if you have logged your foods for 42 days straight and truly feel I have not made a difference in your life by sending me an email. It takes time to heal your body.

How Do I Know What I'm Talking About?
Because I've studied this for a decade and came to see the root cause of chronic illness, and that's all that being fat with debilitating symptoms is, even menopause.
I've read and studied the top lifestyle doctors!
"Gianna is a passionate and dedicated warrior for optimal health.  She is on a mission to help women find their inner and outer beauty by offering guidance based on her incredible life experience."
-Bobby N. Koneru, MD
If I cannot help you, I will 100% refund your consultation payment.

I Offer A 100% Refund If I Cannot Help You.

You have nothing to lose but your fat!

Each Program Is Personally Designed


Payment Plan Available


A Six Week Jumpstart to changing your hormonal & liver health!

I guarantee you will lose one clothing size in six weeks.

Unlimited Email Support.

Personalized Eating Guide Based On Your Preferences.

Daily macronutrient guidance.

Advanced Weight Loss Food Guidance To Change Your Cravings.

Understanding Food Labels Hidden Information

Hormone Assessment & Repair Advice

Testing of Saliva & Urine, Resting Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temperature For Hormone Monitoring & Balancing.

PH Testing (once a week) To Measure Improvement.

Daily Menu Feedback For Thyroid, Menopause, Depression, & Chronic Illness Repair, & Fat Loss.

Kitchen Clean Out!

One Time Grocery Shopping Trip!

Healthy & Delicious Alternatives To Your Favorite Foods.

Complete Hand Holding For A Life Changing Makeover!!

Bulletproof Your Health From Chronic Illness & Ugly Fat!

If I cannot help you, I will 100% refund your payment.


💖 You Too Can Become A Champion If You Desire 💖

You're never too old to begin anything. At 45 I entered the Fitness Atlantic Contest. At age 46 I joined a gym and was trained by a Nike Master Trainer and had no idea I was doing the type of workouts that professional athletes do. I fell in love with being fit! Don't be intimidated. #BeInspired WATCH MY VIDEO.


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