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Gianna Miceli

Nevada State National

Author, Speaker, Video Podcast Host, Educator

Become A State National
In 90 Days Or Less!

Have You Watched Or Attended a State National Seminar, But Have No Idea How To Take The Steps To Be Free?

  • Your Patriot Passion Exploded While You Watched A Class Or Videos, But Now You're Asking...."How Do I Do This?"

  • Let Me Take All The Confusion Out Of Your Brain, And Set You On The Step By Step Path.

  • Traffic Tickets? Learn How To Rescind Them!

  • Need Your AOR? We've Got It Done For You.

  • Sick Of Writing A Tax Check? Learn How To Remove Yourself From The IRS System Using Their Own Forms.

  • ​​I Teach The David Straight State National Process To Become A State National Which Is THE MOST Comprehensive Plan To Claim Your Minor Estate And Lay It Out Step By Step For You Inside State National University.

  • We Are 21+ Million Strong Now!

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Why Repudiate Your US Citizenship?
To Restore Your Rights And Freedom.

The Government Is Removing Your Freedom Inch By Inch In Your Daily Lives Through Your Tacit Consent As A US citizen. Learn How To Restore Your Rights Living As A Free Man Or Woman Under The Common Law. 


Become An American State National Instead!

US Code Section 8-1101 - It's For Real!

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David Straight books David Straight seminars David Straight Contact Davit Straight Website David Straight Information
David Straight books David Straight seminars David Straight Contact Davit Straight Website David Straight Information

Endorsed By David Straight!

I made it EASY for PATRIOTS to restore their rights and freedoms. It's literally just paperwork to undo applications and contracts that hard-working Americans had no idea the terms were not fully disclosed to them, making the contracts fraudulent. It’s time to make your voices heard. We The People are above the government and we don't ask permission to live.

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The Book Is The Class.

It's IMPERATIVE that you learn about:

  • Traffic Tickets & Court Scams

  • Driver's License Bonds Scams

  • Land Patents To Really Own Land

  • Property Taxes Scam

  • CPS Has No Authority

  • Auto Title Scam

  • The IRS Requirement Scam

  • Truth About Birth Certificates

  • Truth About Money & Loans

  • Pay Off Your Mortgage Easily

  • Holding Civil Servants Accountable

  • Why & How To Become A State National Who Is Free From Government Fockery

  • Become Un-A-Lien-A-Ble

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If You Have Any Questions,
Join The University For Answers.
The Membership Are The Steps One Needs To Take To Become And Live As A State National

I Teach THE David Straight State National Process To Claim Your Minor Estate. The Structure Of The Membership To Prepare For The Probate Judge Will Guide You.

What Can You Learn? Peek Inside.

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Awaken As To How To Restore Freedom And The American Republic!


Protect The Sovereignty Of We The People!


Legally And Lawfully Exit The IRS System!


How To Hold Your Civil Servants Accountable!


And So Much More! It's Like Going To Freedom College But Way More Fun!

How Great Is State National University?

"I don't know if you took the venture on your own or have help, but bravo! I have been from site to forum, to messaging, and social media trying to get some clarification on the order of the process and making sure I filled them all out properly. It seems little factions of people do it the same as a few. There are many processes out there, and also different outcomes.


This is the first time I was able to find a solution, with knowledge and step-by-step guidance. I can't tell you enough how much I'm so appreciative as well as others are also. I needed this. I'm not one that will just take on such a thing as this half-cocked. Stacks of paperwork that can be measured by the "foot" but not feeling very secure in any of it.

Thank you...
This has put me at ease as we close out this twilight zone / flying monkey circus of a year."

-Devlin South Carolina

Who Is Gianna Miceli?

Gianna Miceli has been in the health & beauty business for 35 years and is known as the "Menopause Master".

While researching her menopause misery, she discovered how corrupt the FDA & AMA were in regards to creating the menopause "industry", as a drug in search of a market, and that lead her down a path to discover what she calls "Legal Fockery", meaning the hundreds of ways the government overreach has created the tyranny that we live with today. The slow erosion of the Bill of Rights is unacceptable and Gianna is the Paul Revere of today, telling everyone how to restore their rights and freedoms LAWFULLY.

Gianna is a former Sirius Radio personality who was on the late Jay Thomas' Show 2012-2014.

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“Gianna is changing the way people think about how to exercise their rights by teaching them how the government "Legal Fockery" affects their daily lives, and what to do about it."

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Gianna promotes freedom and fitness. She entered a fitness contest at age 45. She released her first book about how to fix menopause misery using only nutrition. She is known for her brutal truth and bluntness. On the political side, she is no longer concerned with the Democrat or Republican labels. Once she learned about the power of "We The People", that became all that mattered when discussing politicians and politics; who is for collapsing the corporation and restoring the Republic. 


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