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American State National

Learn How To Correct Your Political Status
From That Of A U.S. Citizen Slave Of The District Of Columbia
Without Rights
 To Restoring Your God-Given Rights.
These Teachings Are All Backed By The True Law.

Watch How Lawyers Run The World.

This 251 Page Book Is The Entire Freedom & Rights
Expert Level One Three-Day Class In An Easy To Read Book.

It's IMPERATIVE that you learn about:


  • Traffic Tickets & Court Scams

  • Driver's License Bonds Scams

  • Fix The Property Tax Scam

  • CPS Has No Authority Over You

  • The Auto Title Scam

  • The IRS Requirement Scam

  • The Truth About Birth Certificates

  • The Truth About Money & Loans

  • How To Hold Civil Servants Accountable

  • Why & How To Become An Individual Who Is Free From Government Interference

  • No This Is Not Sovereign Citizen Nonsense

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American State National

There is a way...

To keep 100% of your compensation for your own labor & work lawfully… without lies or loopholes.


To protect your family and property against any attack by the de facto government… without fighting civil servants.


To be free of those who act as false agents with government titles… without the need to hide.


To overcome the emotional fear you have to leave the slavery life you know is wrong.


To never ever acquiesce to the unlawful mandates ever again.


To have superior title to your land and properties and possessions...without being taxed as a renter.

American State National
"Nobody Is Coming To Save You. What Are You Going To Do? - General Michael Flynn
We're showing you what YOU can do and the power is in "We The People".

Every Single Day,
Our Lives Get Smaller And Smaller...

You see it.

The world is going in a very dangerous direction.

The knowledge of our rights that allows us to be free is known, but by almost no one anymore.

The economy only works for the super-rich.

More and more of mankind exchange their freedoms and rights for the benefits and privileges of government.

Unlawful mandatory vaccinations, masks, standing on green circles, and other frightening prospects loom on the horizon for those unaware of the difference between mandatory and law. Pandemic 2 is already being planned and the seeds have been planted to put it into action.

Those who run small businesses are being driven into the ground because they don’t understand how to operate as free men and women and their companies are suffering and closing.

Every day, little by little, the doors to this knowledge are closing.

A big change is needed…

It's All A Game Based On Lies!

This membership will teach you the game that's been going on all your life, right in front of your eyes,

and how to play it, win your freedom, unwind frivolous government BS, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

American State National

Is this policy officer "serving and protecting" or acting like thief in the night as he takes your money through fraudulent means of commercial status unknown to the masses?

This activity by the police officer is legal but UNLAWFUL.

18 U.S. Code § 31 - Definitions:

    (6)Motor vehicle.—

The term “motor vehicle” means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo.


    (10)Used for commercial purposes.—

The term “used for commercial purposes” means the carriage of persons or property for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit.


    What did he do wrong? What do YOU do wrong when you get stopped by them? Do you work as a "driver", or do you "travel" in your private vehicle? Because they have different legal definitions. The stop only became lawful when you gave consent to enter a contract with him when he came to your window and asked for your license and registreation and you gave it to him. Find out in this course what to do instead!

Learn To Be Confident To Exercise Your Rights In Front Of The Police & Judges By Learning The True Commercial Definitions Of Words And Terms Taken For Granted Because You're Free-Dumb.

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To win...

It’s all about status; who you are! Your beliefs! The intent is everything with the law. You will record papers that state your determination.

It’s all about your standing; having the knowledge, the competence, & the strength to stand for your rights! When you know what you are doing, you do not stand UNDER the Government. They stand under YOU! We will show you how.

You will know where your rights are listed and how to bring them up before you ever walk into a courtroom...ever again.

Here's Everything Inside The Book:

American State National

Understanding US Code VS UCC Statutes And How And When They Apply To You.

There is so much about the law that you don't know because THEY NEVER TAUGHT IT TO YOU IN SCHOOL.

You are obeying codes, statutes, and rules that don't even apply to you.

American State National

The Blueprint To Change Your Status.

Don't be intimidated by the paperwork. The work has already been done for you with this simple step-step system and you can start on day one and feel 100% confident this is what you wish to declare yourself to be.

American State National

Teaching How To Change Your Political Status, Exercise Your Standing, And Take Dominion Over All Three Jurisdictions of LAW So That You Own Your Life Free From Government Interference.

You can own your jurisdictions and hold your OWN court....(HINT) It's all in the paperwork!

American State National

Meet Your Vessel Explanation

How the government created and controls your vessel and how you can take ownership of yours. There's actually a trust in your all-caps name that was registered with "The Crown" about four days after your birth date and I'll prove it to you.

American State National

How To Lawfully Own The Superior Titles To Your Automobiles, Boats, & Motorcycles So You're No Longer Required To Register Them And Be Taxed By The Government.

We purchase autos from AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIPS, right? Then in the finance office, they ask you for the money to "register" your car. When you do, it became a "motor vehicle" subject to the statues and codes of a commercial vehicle employed in commerce. Are you employed as a driver commercially? Most are not. You're traveling in private. You just gave away ownership of your automobile and changed it's "status".

American State National

When I first found this information, I thought it was too good to be true. But I kept attending classes in person and online and studying every single day so that it permeated my brain.

If you're thinking, "does this really work"? Yes it does! I'm so much more confident and powerful dealing with police harassment, and I've held MY own court with ten traffic ticket victories in four different states. It works! They simply go away because I rescind the ticket and challenged jurisdiction.

This book is a collection of my notes from the classes condensed into topics to teach you the tricky ways you get dragged into the legal system unknowingly giving consent.

You will no longer be Free-Dumb!

-Author, Gianna Miceli

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Citizens, Persons, And Residents
Of The 14th Amendment...
Yes,This Is YOU.

Those Are Titles Of Legal Fiction And To Be Free,

You Need To Eliminate Those Labels From Your Life And Reclaim

The Title You Had The Moment You Breathed Oxygen At Birth On American Soil...

As An American Who Was As Free As A King.

If you like the book, then join the membership to help you through it all.

We are an awesome community!

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Have you checked the box for "US Citizen"....
All your life thinking you had Constitutional rights because of it?

American State National

A fraud was committed on your parents via your birth certificate.

You were registered to the "State" as property and lost all your rights.

You are considered property of the "State" and referred to as "chattel".

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You Operate Your Life Outside Of The Corporate Jurisdiction Of The United States

To Live In Peace, And Identify As An American But Not A US citizen Of the DC Corporation

Restoring Yourself As A Party To The Origin Of LAW And The Constitution.

American State National

I've seen this information floating around patriot groups for a few years but wasn't sure exactly what it was, or if it was real. The membership gave me not only the confidence to proceed, but I feel on fire about being in control of my life, liberty and, specially my property.

Jessica Chapman

Senior Software Developer

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How To Handle Traffic Tickets Without Going To Court.

What to when you get pulled over to exercise your rights to not be hassled by the policy-pirates.


What to do if you get a ticket wihtout ever going to court and pleading or paying.


Understand that court dates are ALWAYS commercial, and an invitation, not a requirement. Learn how to properly respond quickly by rescinding the ticket.


Guess who's participating in these classes and learning this curriculum?



State police

Fox News faces

And World leaders.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
- Mark Twain

David Straight State National

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American State National
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