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Proof That State National Leader Bobby Lawrence Promotes Marcella Crandall Grift Of Lies & Scams.


I have a thousand things I'd prefer to be doing.

But what would YOU do when numerous innocent people, including many senior citizens, contact you and share their stories about being SCAMMED by the "State National Community"?

The DISHONOR is extraordinary.

I can PUT MY HAND ON A BIBLE IN COURT on everything I write about what is my experience and my knowledge from the state national community and people I've encountered and have spent time with.

What is it we know about liars?

They can't remember their lies! But I sure do. I'm an elephant.

Last year, in 2023, Bobby Lawrence and David Straight both claimed they helped 24 of 25 people "claim their minor estate". Then when they were called out on that, the story became, "claimed their minor estate in the public".

This year's seminar grift is, "in the private". Enter the laughter!

But now he's getting closer to the last door. The door he's been saying he already opened for others for the last three years?

Are we to believe that Bobby is so altruistic that he has helped others to their pot of gold before helping himself?

Do you see how they dangle the carrots to get you to keep paying for the seminars? They'll get two years out of you before you comprehend the seminar grift. There is no end point ever.

In this post where he speaks of his follower count lowering, it's because I sent him a letter showing him his Telegram analytics that literally since May of 2023, he has not gained a single new follower. He's lost them every single day without exception.

He said, "they seek leaders". Well you got one Bobby. Thanks for the boost. I am one. I'm no longer FOLLOWING YOU like the other so called Freedom Coaches clinging to reteach what you teach.

I learned something entirely different and on a much higher plane of honor, true freedom, simplicity, and that is 100% aligned with the law and not fairy tales you cling to, teach, and preach.

He said, "they want me to mention their name". No I don't, in fact I'd love it if you never spoke my name again, espcially since you lied that sexual activity transpired between us.

This is his feeble attempt at being in honor:

This is of course, another Bobby Lawrence lie. They hammer the followers financially.

Sometime in January 2024, Bobby Lawrence posted on his Telegram Channel, a post that stated how he was, [paraphrasing] "sick of people in this movement monetizing" it, and how his channel is free.

Well it's free to dangle topics to you on his channel and tell you to go read, and read some more, then go read more until your eyeballs fall out....

And then you have to attend a seminar to get all the answers! Cha-ching for Bobby!

Let's do some math, shall we?

His Gettysburg seminar is $150 X 250 attendees = $37,500.

It costs between $5000 - $10,000 for the hotel space in Gettysburg.

It's not a fancy hotel by any means.

That leaves approximately $27,500 in Bobby's Wrangler blue jean pockets.

I've been sitting at a table next to Bobby where seminar costs were discussed. They are bare bones at best. You get water.

The upcoming event doesn't speak about any other speakers he has to pay so all the income goes to him.

Bobby's cars are paid off and his ugly little house in PA may be paid off since he's been there 13 or so years, so he could get another three months of sitting home on his big fat ass in income from just one seminar yelling at the computer on Telegram in his boxer shorts telling you to "Go Study The Channel!".

At the Fargo ND seminar in 2023 he asked me if I wanted to get up and teach the 10 Maxims of Law! LOL No, I wasn't an expert in them and I don't work for free! But he was tired. Why Bobby? Because of drinking and smoking in the hotel bar after the seminar?

Now you're going to get "The Truth"???? What did you get before?

Enter the new truth....HIGHER QUANTUM ESTATE!

A rebrand!!

New Year, new brand of seminars!


I searched for a post last night where he complained about people monetizing the community, but could not find it, because you know me! I love to bring the receipts! I think he deleted it.

As the latest grift of a seminar approaches, Bobby is preparing to "teach you new information", they need a hook.

One of their new hooks is the NEW....(drumroll please).....REVOCATION OF ELECTION!

Well it's January and it's tax time, and people want to learn how to exit the IRS system and it's literally so easy you'll kick yourself in the ass for not doing it sooner.

So they have an updated ROE, but let me set this up properly for you.

Last year, as I was going through the ASN map of processes, Bobby's wife Teah, who asked who was I to be shaking my "cakes" at the July Gettysburg event, which I had to just toss in for shits & giggles to this blog, created an IRS Form 56 document for us and we were to simply fill it out the way she "researched". She's Bobby's "little researcher" he has said.

Much of it was about using different colored ink, and stating we were not the all caps name, etc, and making a hand written statement on the bottom of it.

When Kiki came along, and Bobby supported her knowledge, which we now know to be not only a fraud, but a SUPER FRAUD, she put out a video on December 23rd, 2023, in some sort of retaliation from Bobby dumping her, desperate to prove her credibility.

The Snakes Are Scattering Desperate For Your Dollars.

During this video training, Kiki points out some part of IRS code, and asked, "Did any of you ever research these?" They are on the Form 56 instructions. Big fat loser liar Bobby Lawrence bursts out saying, "Not me!", like he's proud of his ignorance.

But my point is that he himself did not research the form he told the community of TENS OF THOUSANDS to fill out the way his wife told us to do it.

PS.....You don't ever have to fill out the Form 56 to exit the IRS. That's total bullshit from the cons.

Now, in January of 2024, Bobby is promoting this website, where you can PURCHASE their idea of the proper way to craft the Revocation of Election for the price of......$750!!!!

So much for Bobby's concern for those profitting from the community!! LOL Look at these prices for complete nonsense products!

Please take note, that one of the biggest problems of the fraud of the state national community is that the criminals never put their names, faces, and credibility on their websites. Who the hell would make these purchases without knowing who they purchased from? Not me.

When you click on to purchase the ROE, you also get offered to purchase a Land Patent for $2995, and a PMA, for $2500, just like is sold at StraightPMA website known to be owned/operated by Marcella Crandall.

Most people would simply click the "add to cart" button, that is, if they trust Bobby Lawrence still, which I've thoroughly explained would be foolish in my article posted on December 31st, 2023. Go back and read if you missed it.

However, I clicked on the Revocation of Election photo and this nonsense comes up:

Let's discuss their parameters of this "service" they offer and what reptile is behind this website.

  1. They state that, "Must have corrected your status to American State National to obtain this service."

That can be a policy of their service, as they desire, but it's not remotely a requirement in any legal or lawful sense that one has to have any sort of STATUS on file with the government to NOT PAY THE IRS, and I have to laugh. I've not paid the IRS since 1999 without even knowing I had a status to correct. I simply knew that the tax code did not apply to living beings. It's for PERSONS. Read the code.

What we use in my membership, is an affidavit specific to situtions in which a government entity is trying to rule over you or rob you by using your all caps name vessel. It's situational.

It's clear as can be and unbreakable. This paper was created by an actual law school graduate who did not join the BAR and uses their knowledge on the freedom side, as per the law. We use the law to a T, always. We know how to flip the law back on them because once you know the meaning of PERSON, the rest is simple.

There is no lawful process necessary that one has to declare their status, send it to the Secretary of State or any official of the de facto governement and in their giant magical computers, your entire life has changed.

There are magical databases that track you, but they may put you on a list as an enemy combatant of the state, but your best defense is THE DOCUMENT WE HAVE.

Bobby Lawrence is an ex marble contractor and ex crack junkie before he became a so called state national seminar leader. I'm not saying that people can't learn and grow, but Bobby Lawrence has never demonstrated that he has stood up to the government in any way, shape, or form. Please show me a ticket you rescinded. Anything? What have you ever done Bobby besides scream at your audience?

He created and presented a 31 page Right To Travel document to us in a five-hour presentation on Telegram, then ALL DAY at his useless Level Three seminar in Gettysburg in 2023, then at the 1776 conference on stage, and then months later said he never sent it in!!!!

2. They state that, "Your ROE document essentially notifies the IRS that you wish to “REVOKE” your previous “ELECTION” to volunteer to be treated like a “taxpayer.”

Your IRS contract goes year to year, so if you never update it, your company will continue to use whatever you originally filed when you began employment. It's up to YOU to update it every year which you can easily do, and you have the right to do that. Nobody can tell YOU what your tax status is.

In, we not only teach you about the LAW, but what is your standing in the law, should your employer give you pushback about changing your status, which many of them do. What will this anonymous website do for you should that happen? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

3. They state that, "Our team will help you properly notify the IRS of your “non-taxpayer” status."

This is the most important aspect of why I wrote this article.

You do not know who the "team" is but you are allowing people you can't name, can't communicate with, and have no idea of their history or education, create a document that could potentially get you in trouble with the IRS. 

And if it got you into trouble, who would you hire to help you? A BAR CARD attorney????

He would be laughing at you and accuse of using that "sovereign citizen bullshit", and then what would you do.

We have a class with our instructor, who actually graduated law school, where many questions were answered from our members live on Zoom, but we also literally supply you with the W-4 filled out for you, and the Revocation Of Election filled out for you on the spot.

You see who I am, you see who the instructor is. You have access to us live and afterwards should you have questions about the document, they get answered by us.

We do not hide behind anonymity and Bobby Lawrence as our source. We're available to help you understand and implement what we teach.

4. They say, "Once ordered, you will be placed on a list and sent a questionnaire to begin the process, typically within 48 hours."

Past proves future.

I've heard from uncountable amounts of people, that they have paid David Straight / Bobby Lawrence vendors for services not rendered so that they make this statement means, that they do not have a system in place for this process.

You will pay, and then a human being will get to the emails when they can, and then you wait for a that human being to return the email with their "form" on it, then you email it back and play the waiting game. Time wasting nonsense in the online world in 2024.

For instance:

Sherry Kathleen Noeller aka Katerina Von Bora her secret name, who owns AORHelp, ASNClothing, and StraightEvents, has had uncountable complaints told to me, about people not receiving services from those sites as has been told to me DIRECTLY.

She is unresponsive to refund requests, which is great if you file a credit card dispute as you should, because if she doesn't respond in 30 days, you win the credit card dispute by default. I personally know of several victories people had getting refunds that way.

In, you will have immediate access to our:

  1. How To Ditch The IRS class so you fully understand your standing in the law.

  2. Our Revocation Of Election letter that is not remotely the 37 page document that the ASN community used to peddle and probably the nonsense they're trying to sell for $750.

  3. And Done For You W-4 that not only exempts you from 2024, but also 2023.

These are IMMEDIATELY available after purchase because I am brilliant and professional and I know how to set up systems.

In fact the entire intention of my University, is to be easily accessible for the busy professional, who may only have a few hours at night to study.

This website Bobby promoted also sells a "Land Patent" process. What is that? It's a process to obtain the rights to the title of your land and I've heard nightmare stories about getting this from the government. I've also heard stories that those selling this service were not doing a good job. I have no personal experience of such. I just have many people asking me about the people they bought services from and are complaining.

It's tedious and arduous and requires a lot of research and homework.

But I also know from our law school grad instructor, that it's totally not necessary and it completely useless in reality!

We teach you how to convey your private property to the private so it's untouchable by the government and no will is necessary. It's a seamless process to leave to your heirs.

But why are Land Patents on THIS site RIGHT NOW?

So I did some digging.

On Bobby Lawrence's Telegram Channel, he posted this:

OH! So now Marcella Crandall, the wenchy 7K metals hen is doing Land Patents, or working with someone doing them, but clearly she's taking the money to purchase this because she's the one refunding the money, so this website is possibly OWNED BY HER.

What we also know about Marcella from my time in the club, is that she literally took/stole/liberated, call it what you will because it was most certainly not gifted to her nor is she capable of creating it, the PMA that was created FOR DAVID STRAIGHT, and simply put up the website and as David speaks about PMA's in his videos and live classes, you should just go get one for $2500.

What you get for your $2500 is a ready made PMA that Marcella literally just changes your name and biz name and is not remotely tailored to YOUR business.

Out of her own mouth, Marcella has stated that she is not even a state national, for what that used to be worth.

Marcella can't or won't answer a single question about a PMA, (I've asked) but I also have MORE PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, that she'll sell one to anyone, even if they don't need it, and unfortunately there are people who attend classes who simply purchase things they don't understand and don't need. It's dishonorable to do this but Marcella doesn't care.

A man I know, who is a senior citizen, who owns rental properties, doesn't need a PMA and Marcella sold him one. You don't just order it like a t-shirt online. You have a conversation with the purchaser about what it is they do, the name of their biz, who their customer is, etc.

It's what you use to conduct private economic activity in lieu of an LLC. Ask us if it would help you. We have a class coming up this month and we won't tell you to purchase one if you don't need it. We are honorable.

Would you trust Marcella and Bobby (I'm laughing) with your tax matters?

How did I get proof that Marcella Crandall, the illiterate idiot who can't answer a single question about her products offered because she litereally just took someone eles's work and calls it her own.

Here's The Proof! LOL And it took her three days to respond. I'd be mortified if I had people wait three days for a response. That's why I have systems in place to handle volume.

All evidence points to that she is the one selling $6500 worth of useless products.

Bobby Lawrence has coincidentally disparaged another man who sells the Land Patent process, even claiming TO NOT KNOW HIM. He does know the other man. I know that for a fact and spoke to him last week.

Did you have an unpleasant or dishonorable encounter with any of the cast of characters above? Message me! 561-220-1833.

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