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What State National Tasks Are A Scam & Waste Of Your Time And Money.

You know who doesn't have a mugshot? Me! LOL

Wow have I learned a lot in the last few months about how to actually stand for and exercise my rights, especially about living "in the private". It's nothing like what was promoted in the ASN community.

The true law is not complicated at all! Living in the private is the only path to privacy and exercising your rights and I've unknowingly been living this way already for the past 24 years.

If you've followed the state national path of Anna Von Reitz, David Straight, Bobby Lawrence or any of the sub teachers of their Telegram Plantations, this is what I KNOW about their "Freedom Map" tasks that is stupid, useless, and a waste of time and money.

In other words...a GRIFT.

What you will never ever find in their classes, is how to "stand".

Sure they'll yell at you to "go research" but that's because they can't actually teach you anything because they haven't ACTUALLY stood up against any government agencies.

Just last May, David Straight was pulled over driving in a rental car and handed his driver's license over to a police officer who pulled him over for speeding because he stupidly thought he was driving in commerce BECAUSE he was in a rental car. I can't stop laughing.

Mr. Bigshot who screams at his audience to present their passports when pulled over, wasn't such a bigshot for himself when push came to shove. Not only did he NOT rescind the ticket the way he preaches, but he never showed up to address it, and has been on the run from warrants in Johnson County Texas because he never handled the ticket. Stupid as can be.

Lie: Every person I've ever spoken to in the classes is under the impression that if you just do these tasks, if you can just cross them off their map, then you will reach a magical paradise of freedom that is automatically delivered to you.

Truth: Nobody is ever going to GIVE you your freedom. First you have to learn what IT is exactly, then you have to learn how to exercise it. Once you grasp the topic of who you are and who you are not, it gets super easy. It's like a big paradigm shift happens the more you learn and then BOOM, you simply walk the world differently because you KNOW you are free. You never worry about the police because you know what you now know.

Here's how they present their "tasks" to you.

Lie: Level One is where you will find the very first tasks necessary to get your non US Citizen passport. When you have a non US citizen limited diplomatic immunity passport, we consider you to be a full state national.

Truth: That's all bullshit. You can and should get a non US Citizen passport, BUT, you will not have any limited diplomatic immunity what so ever. You CAN however, learn how to stand because you're not a US Citizen, but flashing your passport isn't going to do a single thing for you.

Only YOU can exert your standing FOR YOURSELF. That means you have to learn who you are and who you are not, and how to speak that into existence when dealing with government pirates.

Lie: Level Two is where you begin rescinding contracts with the corporate government that you may or may not even know are “contracts”.

You need to be super organized in your endeavors because all these documents will need to be recorded and then entered into a Federal Docket you will build later on, which we call your “island”, for the probate judge to be able to see what you recorded on the land.

Truth: If you want to live "in the private", then lose the world "file" from your vocabulary. When you file things, they become public. This is literally the stupidest advice inside the state national community. They are idiots.

You will never need an island for a probate judge to see your documents because there is no estate to claim from a probate judge. This is one of their more compelling carrots they dangle to get you to keep going to seminars for years.

Lie: Level Three is what you do to prepare for the probate judge appointment.

Truth: There is no level three. LOL You will see that when you show up to one and literally nothing different happens.

Lie: Birth Certificate Actions

Do you have a copy of your birth certificate? There is absolutely no reason you need your birth certificate to exercise your freedom.

Truth: When you were born, a Certificate Of Live Birth was created that recorded that event. The birth certificate was created from the COLB, and that's how you were made into a corporate vessel so they could do business with you, but there's nothing you can do to obtain that.

Lie: Authenticate Birth Certificate at state level.

Truth: All authenticating does is tell the world that this document is authentic. It has no prohibitive value unless you need to prove who you are outside the country.

Lie: Create and send in your AOR, your Affidavit Of Repudiation. All this document does is tell the state depatment that you are a belligerant combatant of the US government.

Truth: You do not ever have to DECLARE your status to the government, ever. What you do, is stand up for your given name over your ALL CAPS NAME when you need to. It's situational and it's one simple affadavit.

Lie: 21 days after the SOS receives your AOR via date on green return receipt from post office.

Truth: They advise you to do all these time wasting stupid activities and FILE them with the county recorder, further creating a public record of yourself.

  1. Create Deed of Reconveyance from template, which takes all the ways your name has ever been used...AND FILES THEM WITH THE PUBLIC. Stupid.

  2. Create recording cover letter

  3. Create a county recording sheet.

  4. Record & Certify. Stupid.

Lie: Claim Minor Children by rescinding your signature on child’s birth certificate.

Truth: This task does absolutely nothing to protect your children from CPS. Good luck sending this affadavit and getting any reaction from it.

Lie: Get MSO/MCO of your automobiles. This is not recognized as the superior title. It has no prohibitive value to your life.

Truth: The only way to own and protect your private property is to convey it to the "private", via documentation then filing a notice of the conveyance with the recorder that it's now private.

Lie: Land Patents. Acquire grant deed. Record grant deed

Truth: Free people don't ask the government for their property. A land patent is the same as recording your property with the county. You make it public. It has no prohibitive value.

Lie: Purchase a 3x3 box of land from

Truth: This vendor purchased land in Texas and gives you a piece of paper with the longitude and latitude of your land stating it has a land patent. What are you actually going to do with that? Nothing.

Lie: Trademark/copyright VESSEL + minor children names.

Truth: Again, unless you require this for your business for some reason, this is asking the government for permission to have your name and put it in the public. This has no prohibitive value. David Straight thinks having this will get you out of a traffic ticket, but you can easily get out of traffic tickets by removing jurisdiction via surrendering your driver's license.

Kind Of The Truth: Rescission Signature on Marriage License, Annul Marriage

You can annul your contract with the state because you were not informed as to what the contract created with the state actually consisted of, which is to put the state in charge of your life and everything created from your marriage when you signed your name to that application to get married.


Lie: Put biz in PMA if applicable. There's not a single person in the state national community who can answer your questions about who should have a PMA or not. They have a woman that charges $1500 and a woman that charges $2500 to present some magical words to you, when they have literally ZERO KNOWLEDGE about why one needs a PMA or not.

Truth: They will sell one to anyone who wants one whether you need it or not. That is grifting 101.

Lie: Get certified copies of founding documents, record, & certify.

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Articles of Confederation

  • Constitution

  • Northwest Ordinance

  • Lee Resolution

Truth: There is no value what so ever in acquiring these documents, which they tell you to sign and record your signature with the recorder's office for going to probate. I'm laughing as I type this. I probably spent $125 on this nonsense.

Lie: Authenticate Birth Certificate at Federal level with non-hague country.

Truth: There is no prohibitive value in authenticating your birth certificate at the Federal level. They claim that this creates a $100 million dollar bond and that it puts a bounty on your head. This is ridiculous.

Lie: Create Express Trust

Truth: This trust was never ever explained. When I asked about it, Bobby Lawrence gives you the blowoff answer of, "I'll help you with that later." Later never comes.

Lie: Create God Familia Trust

  • Create Affidavit of Acceptance of trusteeship

  • Create Notice of existence of trust

  • Claim Minor Estate Papers To Record

  •  Open file in circuit court of your island of recorded and certified papers.

Truth: This set of papers is fascinating. It literally lists every single possession you could ever possibly own. They claim that since you purchased everything in your world with Federal Reserve Debt Notes, that you don't actually own your possessions, and the state can come take them, so you have to put them in this trust.

Can't hurt you: Learn these specific US Codes

  • Title 12

  • Title 15

  • Title 18

  • Title 26

  • Title 42

  • Learn UCC

Truth: Knowing the US Code is always beneficial. The US Code never applies to YOU, the living wo/man. It applies to the government corporations.

If you have had a bizarre experience in the state national classes or community, tell me about it. Text me at 561-220-1833.

They are all liars and grifters.

You can learn how to exercise your rights and restore your freedom at where we don't sell you anything you don't need.


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